From the earliest PadMaps came the mod PadWorld, and now from that distinguished provenance comes the next colourful evolution, the World of Padman. Developed and headed by the professional cartoonist and illustrator ENTE and his team, PadWorld Entertainment proudly present a free multi player game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that's powered by an extended ioquake3-engine. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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7 JustACoolGuy

Apr 22nd, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

amazing game i love the intro i wish there single player was made but it is a great game anyway

dayandnig says
7 dayandnig

Jan 25th, 2014

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DatPseudo says
7 DatPseudo

Aug 10th, 2012

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Ceppo93 says
7 Ceppo93

May 22nd, 2012

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catsprince says
7 catsprince

Apr 22nd, 2012

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Underscore127 says
7 Underscore127

Dec 19th, 2011

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Psycho. says
7 Psycho.

Nov 1st, 2011

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stylersnico666 says
7 stylersnico666

Mar 5th, 2011

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ponpat says
7 ponpat

Feb 3rd, 2011

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ZakkarZarZar says
7 ZakkarZarZar

Jan 9th, 2011

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