World War III rages and a Soviet-led army has launched a surprise attack on the USA. Command your troops into fast-paced battles fought on a fully destructible battlefield. Strategy meets intense action in this epic clash of Super Powers!

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Good balance between playability and reality. Great graphic and at the same time does not require top hardware.

Fun to play but suffers from a lack of units variations,especially with nato. Why can't we have country specific armies? also, THE SPAHPANZER LUCHS ISN'T A TRANSPORT!

A beautiful game and a hard one to top in the RTS world.

no down sides game just rules,

This Game Super Awesome + Amazing Garphic + Great Campains

This game really needs a sequel.

great game !! little hard to start but all around goodness!!

I have always been a fan of strategy games, but this one is unlike any other. This game is a must have

undisputably the best RTS ever made. Endwar, European Escalation and R.U.S.E. don't get anywhere near it. Just Ubisoft would let Massgate release a sequel then we can teach those commies in China a lesson.

it is a very god game, the contolos and the gameplay its so cool
and the air support gives another sense

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