WordTrap Dungeon is a word spelling game, mixed with classic dungeon RPG mechanics.

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WordTrap Dungeon is a crossover, word spelling game, mixed with classic dungeon RPG mechanics. To download a free pre-alpha version of WordTrap Dungeon go here:https://crunchingkoalas.com/?page_id=1479

OUYA gameplay video here: Youtu.be

The rules of the game are simple:

1. Form words from available letters.
2. Attack monsters with a magic spell formed by the letters.
3. Be quick, as the monsters are anything but friendly.
4. Advance through the dungeons.

The full version of the game will feature:

- 2 game modes: Story (which will tell us the tale of a young wizard, trapped in a magic tower) and Arena: where players get to fight monsters in an arcade style, endless game mode
- a simple RPG system, including statistics, levels of experience, items and loot
- varied types of dungeons, swarmed with different kinds of enemies, including every-day dungeon fellas (rats, bats and beholders) and bosses, unique for every type of dungeon.

We're also thinking about implementing a Multiplayer mode, depending on the community support for the game. Please tell us, if you'd like one.

PC/Mac OSX/Linux
iOS / Android and Kindle possible

Release date:
TBD - second quarter of 2013 (PC/Mac OSX/Linux)

Additional links:
The game was created during OUYA CREATE Game Jam. The winners of the contest will be picked based on Community support for the game. You can vote on the game here: Killscreendaily.com , by Liking and Tweeting the provided link.

Background info:
We have been working on this game for some time. Early prototypes has been created in November, but due to poor tests results, we decided to abandon the project.

The project has been revived in January, when the Ouya CREATE game-jam has been announced. We have rewritten the game from scratch, redesigned all the mechanics and remade the assets so they would fit personal computers (PC, Mac, Linux), OUYA console, and touchscreen systems.

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