Tower defense meets a horde of undead sailors and a wacky pirate named Woody Two-Legs. Go against wave after wave of enemy ships who are trying to destroy Woody and steal his treasure. Collect bonus crates for upgrades and realistic special weaponry like Balls of Steel and Homing Dolphins. Battle boss monsters to advance to next level. Features: • Five levels with more than 80 waves of zombie, skeleton and ghost ships. • Cool ammunition to shoot them into kingdom come: Balls of Steel, Blue Balls, Great Balls of Fire and more. • Bosses who, among other things, can be invisible and have tentacles. Tentacles! • Four difficulty levels to suit every player from little girls with pigtails to cyber league professionals. • Online scoreboards: show the world that you are the man!

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Jan 25th, 2014

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Feb 29th, 2012

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Feb 24th, 2012

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Feb 23rd, 2012

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Feb 22nd, 2012

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Dec 2nd, 2011

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Apr 22nd, 2011

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