Human Kind´s existence has been eradicated from earth due to their own creation; the evil robots from Crunch Time Corporation. The future looks bleak for human life on this planet. However, there is a humble creation within the carnage of Wild Bot - a tiny workshop - which can restore human life on earth: The Human Source. From a small sample of DNA, a powerful source of energy can bring human life back to planet earth. Crunch Time Corps evil bots knew the existence of this amazing new energy source, and it didn´t take long for these evil bots to steal it from the Wild Bot premises after the mass elimination of humankind. But, there is another unlikely invention from the Wild Bot engineers, a small jumping robot named Roscoe who was initially created to help the less fortunate have an easier life. Yet, in a world without humans, he no longer has a sense of purpose. Unless, he can reclaim back the Human Source from the evil clutches of the bots at Crunch Time.

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