Geometry... Geometry never changes. Take control of Bob the Destruct-o-sphere and defend your home against infinite waves of geometric nasties intent on turning you into nothing but pixel dust. Battle over 6 game modes for the highest score in an adrenaline fueled struggle for suvival where swift kills, big combos and well timed bombs are the secret to success. Waves; like the Ocean, is much deeper than it first appears...

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A fun and well put together game if it's what you are into.

It borrows very heavily from Geometry Wars, but it does so capably--for the most part. In the dual-stick shooter, Waves, there are the occasional problems like the lack of a "look ahead" camera, which tends to create a lot of moments where there is just not enough time to notice something coming towards you or spawning nearby, especially on the top and bottom of the screen. Still, there is a lot of fun to be had in the half a dozen game modes, and it's the perfect game for taking a run at the leaderboards.


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