Warzone 2100 is a real-time action and strategy game set on earth in the 21st century. Upon entering the postnuclear world of Warzone 2100, you establish your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures, and prepare your plans of global conquest. Each campaign features a large campaign map and six or more sub-maps. As key objectives are reached on the campaign map, missions are activated on the sub-maps. These missions are varied and feature everything from hit-and-run attacks to holding territory. The combat is fast and frantic with amazing effects and a true 3-D world with rotatable and zoomable cameras. Weapons range from bullets and lasers to explosive weapons that blast large areas of the highly detailed 3-D battlefield.

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Croatian Translation - Warzone 2100 2.3.X
Warzone 2100

Croatian Translation - Warzone 2100 2.3.X

May 24, 2010 Warzone 2100 Language Sounds creative commons licence (0.11mb) 2 comments

Cro Translation Warzone 2100 2.3.X version (Translation version: 0.1)

Warzone 2100


Aug 1, 2008 Warzone 2100 Multiplayer Map public domain licence (0.00mb) 0 comments

Works with Warzone 2100 2.1 beta 2 and newer. This new map is named for the board game Ludo, which is a blood sport around here. It is very small, open...

 Pouso-G - Warzone Desolation
Warzone 2100

Pouso-G - Warzone Desolation

Aug 2, 2008 Warzone 2100 Music public domain licence (5.96mb) 3 comments

Ingame track for Warzone 2100 based on the first 3 chords of the original ingame track.

Warzone 2100


Dec 23, 2008 Warzone 2100 Multiplayer Map public domain licence (0.02mb) 0 comments

this works in 2.1 and up including betas this map was made by zydonk for play in the original warzone it has now been Rejigged to play in warzone 2100

Psx bonus song
Warzone 2100

Psx bonus song

Aug 2, 2008 Warzone 2100 Music gpl licence (4.57mb) 1 comment

This is the one extra song that the playstation 1 had which the PC missed. Now you can add it to Warzone 2100.

Warzone 2100
Windows, Mac, Linux
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Warzone 2100 Project
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Released Dec 5, 2004
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