It is 1985. Tired of repeated provocations from the United States, the USSR strengthens its military capabilities and rises to the challenge of the confrontation. After several months of growing tension, an incident in the North Sea sparks an escalation. All over the world, Pact and NATO forces are mobilized and set the world on fire. As neither camp dominates the main front in Germany, fate hangs in the balance in Scandinavia...

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A realistic large scale RTS with hundreds of units from infantry to jets, in short the Arma of the RTS genre.

It takes a while to get a feel for the game and a lot longer to really know what the hell you're doing but for some reason I still enjoy it, no matter how much I suck at this game.

You'd be best off looking up a video of someone who actually has experience with it for a meaningful opinion. Though I'd say its worth getting.

Totaly awesome strategy game =3

Excellent example of the modern day strategy genre!

This game is absolutely brilliant, the level of tactical flexibility it allows is rarely seen in games these days. The attention to detail and historical accuracy while maintaining game balance is also well done. If you know how to play the game it is a very rewarding experience



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