Four unique races to play as, huge universe to explore and conquer makes Warcraft III one of the largest Real Time Strategies of its day. Combine with this a modders ability to alter units, create new landscapes, new missions and you have one game which shall be attacked and enhanced by the huge modification following!

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Join the journey through four factions: Human, Undead, Orc and Night Elf witj their unique forces, buildings, defenses, and heroes.

Epic cinematic, epic storyline, epic gameplay.




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good game i enjoy missions and expansion make this game even better

Awesome game, they should make another version of it though and enhance the graphics like they did with StarCraft.

one of the best rts-es around


Jeu super , je l'ai dévoré durant des centaines d'heures de jeu , je ne regrette rien et j'en garde de très bon souvenirs , serveurs toujours actifs !! Bref je m'y amuse toujours autant :P

A very fun rts game to play.


Good game


Oh, what can i say. An amazing role play-RTS game wich brings back the memories of the older lands of Azeroth and the epic battles between humans nd orcs, the horde and the alliance, and the heros involved in those fights.

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