Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us make the Top 100 Indie Games for the second year in a row (last year we were an "Upcoming Game")! We greatly appreciate IndieDB and its members for all they've done for us and our game!
~Matthew Griffin & Jason Gordy, Team Wanderlust

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Colossus Teaser Trailer

11 months ago News 0 comments
Wanderlust Adventures Alpha


To show our appreciation for all your help in making Wanderlust Adventures one of the Top 100 Indies of 2014, we've created a little teaser trailer showing off a short trip through the Temple of King Ra'Bak and a face-off against the colossal Temple Guardian boss! <3

As you can hear by the sound effects present in our Teaser, Power Up Audio (of Crypt of the Necrodancer and Towerfall: Ascension) have done an incredible job for us! You can find them at

Music by Chris Christodoulou (of Risk of Rain) :


Wanderlust Adventures is now nearing Beta! We hope to meet an Early 2015 PC/Steam launch deadline, so the coming months of work/debugging will be crucial for us. During the Beta, we will be inviting a small number of fans (and Twitch streamers) to help us 'work out the kinks', in order to polish the experience into virtual perfection. Also, during this time we will be adding some more event/quest content into the game ~ to take advantage of the procedural generation we've implemented into the engine.


Indie of the Year Awards

This should be fun!
~ Yeti Trunk

Wanderlust Adventures Trailer & OST

Wanderlust Adventures Trailer & OST

1 year ago News 3 comments

Come check out the trailer and official sound track for Wanderlust Adventures; an online, free-roaming, action adventure RPG!

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 12

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 12

2 years ago News 3 comments

Lauren finished the promotional piece and dungeon examples!

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 10

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 10

2 years ago News 0 comments

Matt has completed a redesign (and implementation) of a Hotkey Panel in the Skills Menu (for all classes except the Sorcerer). Players will be able to...

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 8

Wanderlust: Adventures Dev Log 8

2 years ago News 1 comment

Read all about it! New character graphics, companion system, and more!

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Otoma Nov 8 2012 says:

Still no free Steam Keys for those who own the Game? :/

I don´t get the point why you don´t do that, but every other developer who uses greenlight does (like i will get a steam key for the great game "Towns"). I like your game, i really do, but I think it´s somehow unfair, since i don´t see the reason why you shouldn´t do that.

+5 votes     reply to comment
d2king10 Creator
d2king10 Nov 9 2012 replied:

Steam is a valued business partner to us, as well as Desura, and we believe that if you enjoy our game then they deserve your support as well.

-4 votes   reply to comment
_Motoki_ Dec 21 2012 replied:

Well most other developers are willing to do it. I have had a number of them do it with no problems. Valve does fine. They aren't going out of business anytime soon but thanks for your concern for them.

You also have to consider that you put your game here first so some people may have bought it early on to support you but then once the game got on Steam would still prefer to have the Steam key. I personally think it's pretty crummy to make them re-buy it.

It's your game though. Do what you want. I won't be buying it and I will remember not to buy games from Yeti Trunk in the future.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lethalanvas Creator
Lethalanvas Dec 23 2012 replied:

You can add the game to your Steam Library and there will be virtually no difference between the Steam version and the non-Steam version.

You can play with Steam users with the non-Steam version as well.

+1 vote   reply to comment
_Motoki_ Jan 3 2013 replied:

That's not the point. It's still a crappy way to treat customers who supported them early on before they got onto Steam. Again most other developers are willing to do this.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Otoma Nov 10 2012 replied:

I just think its a bit unfair to let people buy a product they already own.. Looks like your the only (indie) developer who sees it that way.. But looks like we have to accept that. (But still i´m not gonna buy it again -.-)

+6 votes     reply to comment
Lethalanvas Creator
Lethalanvas Dec 24 2012 replied:

Wait, so if you had bought the Xbox version of Mass Effect 2, you would have asked Bioware for a PS3 version when they released it later? Do you expect Nintendo to give you a free copy of Ocarina of Time on the Wii since you bought it on the N64 years ago?

Here is where we are coming from...

Over the past 18 months, we have added a ton of additional content, gameplay features, tweaks/balancing, suggestions by fans, and even ensured that both our Steam and non-Steam players would be able to all play together. We gave away nearly 100 free copies of the game to Desura users and launched at half-off the regular price last December. We took part in a bundle where people could get multiple indie games at a discount price.

I don't understand how we're being unfair to you; we've done far more than you ought to expect from a $10 video game purchase.

We support Indie Developers. We support Starbound. We support Trine 2. We support Towns. We support Secrets of Grindea. We also support companies you've never even heard of because they're still working on their first game, and they have contacted us for advice.

Yes, we're an indie developer, but we're also gamers like you. Yes, Indie Developers often give away free copies of their game, but we should not expect nor demand this from them. Instead, we should support them and encourage them, because - quite frankly - they need us more than we could possibly know.

If you like their games, you should buy their games.
If you like our games, you should buy our games.

Rest assured, like many other indie companies, we'll make sure you get your money's worth.

+7 votes   reply to comment
Kit630 Jan 28 2013 replied:

So what you're saying is that you don't believe that the logical fallacy of "But everyone else is doing it!" (Appealing to tradition and/or the majority) is valid? Shame on you! ;D

History shows that the majority is generally right. What do you mean the world isn't flat? Burn the witch!

Jokes aside, I don't mind not getting the steam key free either. I've enjoyed your game, I've enjoyed watching it grow. I purchased a copy directly from the site and I'm not going to whine if I want it on Steam or Desura, because like you said, it can just be added to the library anyway.

I'll admit that I'm not going to buy it twice because mainly I'm broke, but I do think support of indies is important and I say kudos for sticking to your guns on it. If anyone has sour grapes, they really ought to realize that this is what Indie Developers do to put food on the table. Yea, sometimes it's a hobby or for fun, but sometimes it's for a living.

+4 votes     reply to comment
quillsaga Jan 4 2013 replied:

I think that's fair; I would have liked to get Steam keys too, but I don't really need it. Why? The devs haved worked hard to make sure we can all play together, so having it on Steam just means maybe 1 more game on your profile page? C'mon as long as you can play the game doesn't really matter where it is, and Desura's pretty awesome too. So I'm pretty fine with not getting keys, and also if you reeaaaaaaaaaaallly wanted it on Steam it's like real cheap on sale anyway if you reeeeaaaally want Steam achievements or the fact that it shows up on your profile page.

+2 votes     reply to comment
adaardain Sep 24 2012 says:

Two Things, (One) Incredible Game I Love The Textures ETC.
(Two) I Type Weird.


+2 votes     reply to comment
TwuoShie Sep 17 2012 says:

I know this is a bit late and a bit greedy on my part, but are you guys still giving out free keys for Wanderlust: Rebirth? I love the retro rpgs and this has peaked my interest, however, $10 is a bit out of my reach as much as I'd love to help... Perhaps you guys could maybe work with maybe and try to get your game in with them? Their really nice people helping a charity cause and PLENTY of people from ALL around the world help as much as they can. Indie Gala is another choice as well if HumbleBundle can't comply. Thanks anyways. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lethalanvas Creator
Lethalanvas Sep 17 2012 says:

Some details released about our upcoming Expansion!

+2 votes   reply to comment
Bonesy0 Aug 17 2012 says:

Great game! Another game that proves Game Maker isn't a crappy engine, and can be used to make quality pieces of work.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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