VVVVVV is a retro styled 2D platformer by Terry Cavanagh, creator of dozens of free games. You play as the fearless leader of a team of dimension exploring scientists who inadvertently crash, and are separated. The game involves exploring the strange world you've found yourself in, and reuniting your friends. VVVVVV explores one simple game mechanic: you cannot jump - instead, you reverse your own gravity at the press of a button. The game focuses on playing with this mechanic in a variety of interesting ways. The game is designed not to artificially gate your progress. In VVVVVV there are no locks, no power-ups, no switches, nothing to stop you progressing except the challenges themselves.

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Jul 26th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

I might get shunned for this review. Fun game, excellent puzzles. Hated the sound engineering. I understand it is suppose to mimic 8-bit games, but man alive were the high tones just a bit much!

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Aug 31st, 2013

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Jul 4th, 2012

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Mar 13th, 2012

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Nov 30th, 2011

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Nov 12th, 2011

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Nov 10th, 2011

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Oct 8th, 2011

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