Learn quick. Think fast. Run, jump, slide, block, leap, sprint, swing and smash your way through 30 challenging levels. Can you reach the end? Features: - 5 abilities to learn as you progress through the game. - 30 challenging levels to complete. - 8 awards to unlock. - A global leaderboard to compete against. “... it felt fantastic. It doesn’t matter if I failed 531 other times. For a few seconds, I was an invincible destroyer of games.” - indiegamerchick.com “The coolest things here, however, are the little black and white cubes that, when touched, alter the level.” - 1uporpoison.com “Seems pretty simple, right? WRONG!!! ... it’s torture you’ll love every second of”. - gamestitch.com ** Xbox 360 controller supported **

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This game is nothing but a deception to the game industry. It's all a copy from another game.

It's a rip off of bittrip runner. It makes me so angry.

Honestly, copying another game but undercutting their price is just shameful, embarassing, infuriating.

I really hope this guy gets sued.

Oh hey, a cash grab clone. Point and laugh, everybody.

Good job at ripping every single idea from BitTrip Runner without adding anything original from your side.

Think of something original. Seriously. Don't feed of other peoples success.


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