A voxel based adventure and RPG. Vox is a highly customizable game where you can create, destroy, edit and build anything you desire. The whole world, every item and object within it, and even the characters and inhabitants of Vox are created using a custom 'Voxel Engine' that allows for an unparalleled level of creativity. Come and explore your imagination!

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It's ok. :D

Amazing game, works very well, even for an alpha. The developer also is an amazing guy :)

While the game is in its alpha stage...

The game shows alot of you will be able to do in its initial release!

Even if its alpha, you can build castles while protecting it from evil monsters that are premade... (or that you made!)

Also, bombs are the most awsome things you can ever get in this game!


Always Geeky,

I have been playing around with your game since the patch and I'll confirm that I'm not getting the black menu glitch anymore. But I have to say that the actual game world was also pretty buggy it seemed. For instance, I was jumping and ended up being able to walk on an invisible surface (not sure if you were trying to go for that or not.)

I also noticed that the button interface that pops up in your inventory when selecting a weapon (1) won't go away when trying to edit the item. And even after ending the game the button interface remained in its former position (2.)

Those were just some of the bugs I've noticed; it's meant to be helpful criticism. Other than that the game looks pretty rad. I love the idea of being able to create your own character. The rpg elements will create even more choices for character customization too. So this project has quite a bit of potential.

The game also doesn't run fast, but it's not slow either on my computer (I got a i5 2.4 Ghz processor.) So I agree that optimizing the game's speed should be of high importance if new features will be added.


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VERSION 0.19 Pre Alpha: Basically the same as below, whereas the game breaking bugs are not there (for me) and its playable on my laptop :D even though it only has 2 GB of RAM with 40% being used when on standby (shocking, i know).

VERSION 0.18 Pre Alpha: Currently, i would give this game only a 6/10. Mainly because of the game breaking bugs that are ruining it for me, however, maybe if these were ironed out BEFORE new content was added, it would make for a lot better experience whilst playing.

If this rating was judged on potential i would give it a 10/10 because the rate at which development is progressing is astonishing (but it does have downfalls, with all the bugs that keep getting released :/) and could go a very long way in terms of commercial success.

As posted in my forum post on v0.19 pre-alpha, it explains how much potential could be found in this game.

Overall, a good game, with great potential, but a long way off its final goal.

Thanks for reading,


Copy of cube world >

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can't wait for the updates! Nice work man!

Always! Its me! Himarat3! Anyways, You know i will always support this game!


Tho ive been incapable of playing this game so far i will give it a 10. I give it this because of the Developers constant community activity and quick response to anyones issue. And even if he doesnt have a quick fix, he does whatever he can to remedy the situation as fast as possible.

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