A game forked from the Nexuiz Classic project where players use a harpoon-like gun and need to swallow and digest their enemies to score points. There is a high level of customization that dedicated server owners have over the game play ranging from regular, FPS to RP based with game types ranging from CTF, TDM, DM, RP, etc. This project is open source and evolving but is considered stable despite a few bugs here and there. Project creator and manager is Mirceakitsune. Rated PG-13 for Gore & mild violence, mild language. All content is open source or otherwise used with permission via license. Please note the game is BETA though stable, more content and features will come especially if you help out!

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marctimothymoses says

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too bad you can't vore your own self, but you can vore other players. And that involves getting past the tutorial which is a pain in the ***. Otherwise, this game is too epic to enjoy.


Untamed64 says

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Excellent overall.. Bots need some tweaking though


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movler says

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