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Frontier Update

2 years ago News 3 comments

News - Frontier
Since our last update Frontier has continued to evolve and improve!

Combat has been upgraded to a real time system that when finished, will balance the tactical feel of the old combat system with the faster-pace and more immersive feel of real-time play.

Our current build is focusing on getting weapons and manual ship controls to be smooth, intuitive and most of all fun, as a result the screenshots only show a single ship, however the fleet is still there! and it's been expanded!

Weapons now function based on their type, the average capital ship has 10 weapons systems:
3 x Forward Batteries: Large, powerful weapons that are fixed at the front of the ship, unfortunately due to their size they are unable to be guided and as a result require you to point the nose of your ship at the target you want destroyed!
3 x Turrets: These turrets are smaller and less powerful than their forward counterparts, however they are extremely versatile, capable of using both guided and "dumb" weapons and firing in any direction!
3 x Guided Turrets: These weapons are designed for long-range smart bombardment, they either lock onto their targets or specify areas to bombard, they are very powerful but extremely resource hungry.

As before, you manually control a single ship (via mouse and keyboard OR Gamepad!), while the others present in your fleet act according to custom AI profiles you have applied to them, however unlike before you can now switch between any of your 4-8 capital ships at the touch of a button. As well as your gigantic capital ships the new "Escort" class and "Support" class.
The Escort class are smaller, primarily defensive vessels that provide fire support and cover to your capitals, they come in a variety of types from the gun-toting Destroyer, to the fighter-spewing Escort Carriers.

The Support class are the freighters, miners, repair ships, ammunition carriers and fuel tankers that support your fleets resource requirements, the larger quantity/better quality support ships you have, the further your fleet can go without needing to be resupplied, with the right balance of capitals, escorts and support craft your fleet can become a self-sufficient entity, never needing to return to a base or outpost to retrofit and resupply.

With these changes also comes the ability to support multiple fleets, allowing you to explore vaster areas of the procedurally generated universe as well as the ability to construct stations, defensive turrets and specialised NPC fleets (such as mining, defensive, inter-system artillery, etc..)

In other less-spaceship involved news, we have also updated our website:

We also have a forum set up on our site so we can listen to all your feature ideas!

Long Awaited Update

Long Awaited Update

2 years ago News 8 comments

It's certainly been a while since our last news post, and in that time we have made some major improvements and changes to Frontier! The battle system...

Next stage of combat

Next stage of combat

2 years ago News 0 comments

The next stage of combat in Voidnex:Frontier, showcasing a video of new effects, UI and multiple ship combat.

Fighting and Maps

Fighting and Maps

2 years ago News 1 comment

A small update about the changes that have been made to the battle-system as well as navigating the galaxy.

Battles and Exploration

Battles and Exploration

2 years ago News 3 comments

Demonstrating a player controlled battle in Frontier and going over some of the design principles for exploration.

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Omegakill Jun 11 2013 says:

Tracking this, looks pretty amazing, just had a couple of questions if I may (sorry if they've been answered before, feel free to send me a link to an FAQ or forum etc..):

1. I notice that during the battle none of the ships missed, will this always be the case or is it just because they were all large ships with accurate weapons? I do really like how the health is displayed, I couldn't see clearly but I assume it's along the lines of shield/armor/hull? The turn based system reminds me of Final Fantasy 8/9 where turns "charge up".

2. What sort of customization options do I have in terms of ship design, could I for example put missiles rather than lasers on the port side of my battleship?

3. I also noticed there didn't seem to be any form of counter-measures such as Chaff or deflective shielding, is it because the video was Alpha or is this not a planned feature?

Really excited to see how this turns out, regardless of what answers you come back with I wish you and your team the very best of luck with the project :)

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voidnex Creator
voidnex Jun 11 2013 replied:

Thanks for your feedback!, to answer your questions:

1. A few of the ships did miss!, however because this is such an early build the effects simply do not portray that. Its on a list of things to do.

2. As for customisation, you have complete control over what equipment is fitted to your ship, (if you look at the last part of the video you can see me outfitting a Mjolnir).

As well as that you also can assign captains and officers to your ship and the ships in your fleet, each adding their own effects and skills to the mix.

3. The ships in that scene are outfitted with a particular set of weaponry and equipment(ones we have indev effects for!), there is a huge range of offensive, defensive and utility systems of varying type and effect available. Things like ECM, active shielding, regenerating armor plates and Point Defence systems already exist, but lack effects.

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Omegakill Jun 13 2013 replied:

Thanks very much for the reply to my questions, do you have any plans for a demo/beta as I'd LOVE to get my hands on this.

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Commander-Trident Jun 11 2013 says:

Soooo ok just trying to figure this out coz i just saw it... is this like a mod 4 a game or is this a Actual game its self? and is it like gonna be released like here and on steam were it came be bought?

+1 vote     reply to comment
voidnex Creator
voidnex Jun 11 2013 replied:

This is an actual game! And we hope to release on steam :)

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Commander-Trident Jun 23 2013 replied:

Ahh Ok thax, i was thinkin it was just a mod for a already made game, Looks great tho buddy :)

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Galacticruler Jun 10 2013 says:

Just one thing I have to ask
How much will it cost?

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voidnex Creator
voidnex Jun 10 2013 replied:

Should be between $12 - $25 USD, can't be exactly accurate since we still have a long way to go :)

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Guest Jun 10 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

LordThash Jun 9 2013 says:

mmmm...nice explosions, anyway Awsome game il def be buying it when it comes out

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voidnex Creator
voidnex Jun 9 2013 replied:


Those explosions are really early WIPs so I can guarantee they will get even nicer!

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