Join Leif Erikson, the intrepid explorer and help guide him and his crew to the fabled lands which would one day become known as Vinland. Hand-sculpted levels provide a dramatic backdrop to his voyage of discovery, delving ever deeper into the dangers of the unknown, fighting enemies both natural and mystical. To aid in this, there are a variety of weapons and navigators that can be collected during the journey, which allow the player to customise their vessel. The challenges to be faced during this expedition, range from battling through storms and blizzards, to defeating a witch and sneaking past the spirits of the dead. Then there is the ever present threat of the ice, the frozen death which lurks ever present in the seas of the North Atlantic. If Leif is going to survive the trip to Vinland then he will have to master both these silent predators but also his own fears and doubts recounted in a dramatic series of dialogues throughout the game.


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