Fast pace cellshading flying action. Soar the skies as you take on the most vicious enemies above the ground. Experience an airborne adventure in an all new art style that will take you to something different and exciting. With the possibility to add just about anything you can imagine into the game, the sky it's not the limit. It's just the beginning.

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Vector Thurst managed to impress and leave a good impression quickly. The controls take some adjusting to but are intuitive and effective. As it is an Alpha, I was not expecting altogether much content- and I was (for better or worse) not surprised. There is only one campaign and a survival mode in the alpha, but they were fun and challenging. I won't critisize the lack of content at the moment since it is only day 2, but some generalities that I can comment on focus mostly on the sound.

First, the music. I know that indie developers do not have access to an orchestra or professional synthesizers, but the music right now is highly repetitive and uninteresting. Furthermore, I hope that some of the ingame sounds, especially the missile lock-on tone, are tweaked to sound more viceral and realistic. The missile, cannon, and engine sounds are very good already, but the explosions could use some extra attention.

I encountered some glitches (including a looping mission 2 and lack of ability to save sound setting changes), but knowing it is alpha, I don't feel that I can really count it against the developers.

What most impressed me about the game was its style- the cell-shaded models and environments look great and very unique. The models are also excellent, and the AI and physics are spot on. It feels great to play with mouse and keyboard (after adjusting to it).
I eagerly await new updates to this excellent game.

That game is awesome! And it's just a Alpha! The game can be modded entirely, from simple sound to missions and planes! What else? There are just some tweaks to do like change some sounds (alert missile, weapon change), or description for planes/weapons (but i think that come from that version is a Alpha). Great job!

Vector Thrust; The so called "fan-made spiritual successor" to the Ace Combat and Airforce Delta series. I've been keeping an eye on this 3D cel-shaded arcade-action flight shooter since it first appeared on web back in 2011 and I've playing the game since the early alpha was released on Desura back in 2012.

I must say it's really challenging for a game, the A.I. is brutal, sly and can be totally unpredictable at times which is what I need in a game these days. But don't let that put you off. If the player can do something it's highly likely and most probable that the fiendishly smart A.I. can do it too. The game mechanic's are what I would consider "Sim-Lite" in certain areas, like the very extensive electronic warfare mechanic's and can be very arcade-ish at times much like in Ace Combat.

The game features a large and still expanding collection of high quality modelled aircraft, surface craft and weaponry. And what I've played so far of the pre-Early Access build, which is due to be released some time on Steam's Early Access platform and I must say I'm really liking many of the improvements done to the game so far.

The games art is fantastic, even in alpha although there should be wider ranges in stats for planes and different types of missiles and buildings. Although i would like to see when going up to to water the water splashes up behind, i think that would be cool.


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