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Feb 1 2013 Anchor

I’ll look into that, do you mean that happens when you configure the pitch/roll/yaw to be controlled by the mouse, right?

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Feb 1 2013 Anchor

Yes, the pitch and the roll are controlled by the mouse, but the yaw is controlled by the keyboard.

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fastsugar Master of Disaster
Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Cockpit have no texture.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Feb 7 2013 Anchor

fastsugar wrote: Cockpit have no texture.

Fairly certain pilot models and that will be implemented in a future update. The F-16 has a cockpit model done, but I don't think it has been textured yet.

Feb 10 2013 Anchor

Well, I have umm... Four issues to be exposed here. Things I think would improve the game, little details that make the diference.
1: Well, first is the chase target cam. It breaks completely my orientation and situational awareness when I'm holding down the button to lock the camera, and when the enemy goes behind me (or I make a complete turn in relation to him) the camera does not follow the target properly. It usually goes to the side first and then up, or spins to he top and then follows. When I have an enemy at my six, and he is in the critical angle range, the camera just doesn't follow him! It tries to go the other way around the plane to focus, keeping me completely confused to where exactly the enemy is. Please try to fix that. It's my biggest concern right now.

2: The missile alert tone. It's just too low, I can't hear it 90% of the time. With the way missiles are implemented here, every missile shot at you poses a real threat. I'd like to be warned properly of that by the sound alarm. Just making it louder would already make it mush better, and if you make it change pitch and frequency as the missile comes closer to the player would make it just ideal.

3: The flight vector indicator. It just doesn't seem to follow the correct phisics... When I'm flying stright it stays in place, but when I lean the plane slightly to the side, it goes to the side too, and the it goes up instead of down. Kinda weird, but just a small detail still.

4: I know it's something you're tryong to fix for a while, but just to remind you: if you choose a plane and enter a mission where you can choose a special weapon, the next time you enter a skirmish mission, the plane you choose will have that weapon equipped. I had some weird stuff happening, like a Jaguar with the Linear One-Way Accelerator Cannon. That was funny.

Hope I don't sound bitchy, I just want the game to get better and better.

Feb 11 2013 Anchor

Not at all. Any bug report is greatly appreciated.
There are functions and other implementations that are only quick tested before uploading so is very possible to be issues lurking around. And that’s why your feedback is very valuable to find these kind of issues.
At this moment is being closed the 0.2180 update to release soon, it is already off the intended schedule, but I’ll try to fix as most of the issues I see in here.

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Mar 5 2013 Anchor

Something I noticed while flying the ZIZ Hunt. The lock on camera sometimes doesn't track the airfortress properly, pointing at a place on the ground that I would assume to be where a ground where the x and z of the unit is.

Secondly, with multi-lock missiles, it seems that they sometimes require me to switch between targets in a cluster of aircraft before registering other aircraft nearby the primary locked aircraft.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Mar 8 2013 Anchor

I don't know if it's with any other aircraft, but cutting the engine and pressing W still has afterburner effects on the Su-74. (Also, the aircraft seems to take too long to slow down with engine off)

Also, control surfaces still do not animate smoothly when using mouse control and rolling left-right. Additionally, limits on agility are removed. (A-10 can make 90 degree snap turns, lol)

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Apr 13 2013 Anchor

Just reporting that the audio options still do nothing. No matter how much I change it, the sound levels(for every specific setting AND for the audio as a whole) are the same.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
May 1 2013 Anchor

Hurray Stealth update bugs:

1. Weapon bays untextured
2. A/F-117 afterburners glow visible through the aircraft (when you look at the underside)

May 3 2013 Anchor

Here's two things that I've seen:

The F-117B appears to have an exaggerated shinemap compared to the rest of the family.
Holding the target button to lock the camera on an aircraft can be used to exploit the position of aircraft invisible to radar.

Edit: Possibly a third thing.
On a Doppelganger Battle my target took around 200 cannon rounds to the engines and did not drop, though I took a great deal of damage with few rounds.

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MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
May 4 2013 Anchor

Game crashes once the player moves out of bounds for Skirmish.

May 10 2013 Anchor

It looks like in this update (.2230) the shinemap on the MKI is pure white so that most of the skin is hidden completely at certain angles; the F-117B and F-104G continue to do this as well.
On the Special Weapon selection, objects appear in the same manner as they would untextured and unshaded, but appear normally in-game.

I've tried seeing what would happen removing the game data and reinstalling it would do, but there were no changes.

May 10 2013 Anchor

SpootKnight, can you show me some screenshots?

May 10 2013 Anchor

Yeah, I was just getting ready to edit some into the post.
In-game shot flying the MKI.
Weapon selection screen, all weapons look like this until in-game.
Showing that weapons look normal in-game.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
May 10 2013 Anchor

I don't get that issue. :/

May 10 2013 Anchor

I'm starting to see why it's doing this to the aircraft.

Their specular map is named [AIRCRAFT]

The Su-30MKI's specular is present, but it was named as a template. Changing to Spec fixed this.
The F-117B's specular map is named, attempting to apply it to the unused template skin.
The F-104G's map is named; number isn't referred in an aircraft's .ini file.

What I have yet to figure out is what's causing untextured weapons on the selection screen.

May 11 2013 Anchor

You’re right, those textures aren’t properly named.
As for weapons, this issue only happened in this version, and happens to all weapons right?
If it is, then I’m pretty sure what causes this. Later this day I’ll upload a small patch to fix it

May 11 2013 Anchor

Yes, any weapon I look at on the selection screen does it.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
May 19 2013 Anchor

I believe Quick Start crashes/freezes the game upon loading.

Is it just me, or has the minimum lock-on range for all missiles been greatly increased? Additionally, the XMAA maximum range has also been increased, I think. I'm getting BVR lock-ons with AIM-120s like it aint no thang

Jun 5 2013 Anchor

There is a bug regarding marking units as targets and using spawn action and triggering them. The bug is kind of hard to explain, for me at least.

For example, if you have 3 targets and destroy one of them, the next unit that gets spawned with spawn action will be a tgt unit even if it was set as a non-tgt unit.

There is a workaround for the bug thought. While configuring the trigger and what actions should the trigger call, add spawn actions with a dummy(can be anything) object. That unit will be affected by the bug, while other won't. Also, put the object into a special ID group.
After all that, at the end of the list of actions that will be activated by the trigger, add a action that will remove units with the same group ID as the dummy unit.
The best way to avoid the bug with this method is to add the same number of actions on the trigger list as there are the total number of tgt units, thought I am not sure how many objects/units are affected by it when they are spawned using triggers.

Not the best way to deal with it, but it works(used it in ZiZ Hunt hard version).

Jun 5 2013 Anchor

@MyHatismyFriend, I haven’t found anything strange with the Quick start, but please be aware that each aircraft affects differently the lock range of weapons.

@PokerPop, thanks for pointing this out, I’ll investigate the issue.

Jun 6 2013 Anchor

There still is that flying destroyer in the daggerfall (mission were you need to destroy enemy fleet).

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

I still think that's a placeholder for a superweapon.

Jun 11 2013 Anchor

No, it actually is a small bug.
Every time the game starts a level all ground units have their position checked to see if they are properly paced above ground.
However only at that level sometimes some ships fail to check their position.
This can be easily resolved if the ships correctly placed above ground in the mission file.

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