Fast pace cellshading flying action. Soar the skies as you take on the most vicious enemies above the ground. Experience an airborne adventure in an all new art style that will take you to something different and exciting. With the possibility to add just about anything you can imagine into the game, the sky it's not the limit. It's just the beginning.

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MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Sep 4 2012, 4:25am Anchor

I took out the spelling/grammar mistakes in the original, and stuck a coherent plot into it.

The Erskin-Ruar Federation suddenly invades the Republic of Vaulder, declaring its territory as the Erskin-Ruar's rightful land. In reality, it is really only the oil fields in the central deserts of Vaulder that they want. With the Vaulder Joint Defence Force crippled under the might of the attacks launched from the Erskin-Ruar's Voslov Fleet, the invaders capture several advance airbases and the capital comes under grave threat. As a result, the military decides to hire Rigel Strategic Services, a well-known and reliable PMC to help them drive back the invaders. You play as Husky, a hopeful mercenary joining the RSS just as the PMC begins direct support. lolACZ - I also might produce AC4-style cutscenes for these, as soon as the system is implemented.

Just replace the MSN files in the AlphaC1 campaign in the Campaigns Folder with these.

Edited by: MyHatismyFriend

Sep 5 2012, 1:19am Anchor

Can you piost a different link? I'm getting an error message.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Sep 7 2012, 1:45am Anchor

try this:

Sep 7 2012, 4:53pm Anchor

What I read sounds good, but any way to m the text stay on screen for longer?

Edited by: bornloser

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Sep 7 2012, 5:05pm Anchor

I have no idea.

Also, I've also finished descriptions for every aircraft in the game. Again, replace "the folder Airplane" with this:

Sep 7 2012, 8:19pm Anchor

@MyHatismyFriend, You can change the time it stays in the screen in this line:
#_ComDlg_PlayTime =
(the time is in seconds)

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Sep 12 2012, 5:14pm Anchor

Updated, corrected several spelling mistakes and went around the apostrophe problem.

Additionally, I've completed descriptions for all current in-game aircraft.

How does one add an addon?

Sep 16 2012, 2:31pm Anchor

Click your name at the top of the page, then cli9ck the addons tab, and you should be able to post your content from there.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Sep 17 2012, 5:57am Anchor

Alright, thanks a lot.

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