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MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Mar 25 2013, 4:11am Anchor

This game mode is intended for when the landing mechanics are implemented.

Two teams of 4-12 compete for different airfields.

Gameplay works much like a control points map: Teams each have a pool of three hundred points. Captured airfields deduct points at a certain rate from a team's pool. Players must land on an airfield to begin capturing it. Capture begins as soon as the aircraft is on the ground- it does not necessarily have to stop, and stops as soon as the wheels leave the runway. However, capturing becomes much faster if the aircraft is at a halt.

Ground forces are also in the map, and can capture bases as well, but move slowly and are ineffective individually.

Both teams have a home base that cannot be captured. In the centre of the map, there is a major airbase that deducts points at a fast rate, but takes a very long time to capture. Around the map should be several minor airbases that are captured relatively quickly, but deduct points slowly- however, if more than half of them are captured, their combined output will beat the central airbase. Additionally, these minor bases are unprotected against air attack and can be neutralized if all facilities are destroyed.

The objective of this mutator is to create a scenario where both teams compete for the central airfield, with smaller tug-of-war type engagements over the minor airbases until they are destroyed. Neutralizing airbases are a key factor in gameplay- deciding when to bomb one into rubble is key to either cementing the opponents defeat or giving your team a chance to catch up.

Teams must split their players into defending airfields, capturing airfields, destroying airfields, or covering attackers/cappers. Fighters are excellent at defending airbases and escorting attackers, while inteceptors have a naturally faster capture rate than other aircraft. Bombers excel at wiping out bases in a matter of seconds.

Players respawn at their home base, or if they have captured any bases, they can choose to take-off from there as well. Additionally, bases repair and rearm aircraft who land on them.

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Nergal01 Smashing mall is normal. Stealing tiara is normal... But now? Nukes!?
Mar 25 2013, 8:04am Anchor


I smell Battlefield Conquest mode vibe.

Mar 25 2013, 2:38pm Anchor

Is this that airfield domination mode from war thunder? I really don't think that mode worked well, all you had to do was wait for someone to land and shoot them down. Would be better to capture the airfield by occupying the airspace above and around it.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Mar 26 2013, 1:48am Anchor

Yes it is Airfields Domination XD with a lot more airfields and the ability to bomb them out. When I played it, nobody attacked me while I capped, because my team mates were competent and defending things (I usually play in a squad.).

Mar 27 2013, 5:59pm Anchor

How practical would it be to have military transports airdrop platoons instead? Airfields could have SAM launchers that, left unattended, would prevent the transports from reaching their dropoff point.

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Mar 27 2013, 7:28pm Anchor

Hmm, if SAMs are added to bases, with the ability to occupy airfields with troops, couldn't disabling the SAMs without destroying them also allow for your use of them as defenses of your own. Let's say if you destroy air defenses, you'd have to fly your own in.

I'd love to see incorporation of some LAPES drops and Fulton recoveries for this mode.

Also, for destroying airbases, wouldn't adding units that'd repair runways/bases be useful for keeping gameplay interesting, since completely one way games are usually pretty boring.

Mar 27 2013, 10:37pm Anchor

IbizenThoth wrote:Hmm, if SAMs are added to bases, with the ability to occupy airfields with troops, couldn't disabling the SAMs without destroying them also allow for your use of them as defenses of your own. Let's say if you destroy air defenses, you'd have to fly your own in.

This is true. I think what would make this most fun is being able to find the right balance of conducting air superiority and SEAD to keep your transports as safe as possible, while mitigating the overall damage throughout an airfield. It may sound like a hassle to do, but it might be too simple if there's only air (Or ground) targets to attack.

Mar 28 2013, 1:19am Anchor

Why do I suddenly want a mission where you do a canyon run in a C-130 hercules before dropping off a sheridan at low altitude?

Nergal01 Smashing mall is normal. Stealing tiara is normal... But now? Nukes!?
Mar 30 2013, 6:19am Anchor

I never played WT before and this might be irrelevant with the original idea, but how about this:
each airfield has different plane list, therefore if you captured an airfield you can change your initial plane with another plane from the list

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Mar 30 2013, 6:52am Anchor

Jesus Christ these ideas are awesome.

Nergal01 Smashing mall is normal. Stealing tiara is normal... But now? Nukes!?
Mar 30 2013, 6:57am Anchor

Also, may I suggest that to capture an airfield, you MUST fly a transport plane and either land/airdrop troops there (AFAIK in Battlestations Pacific you can fly transports to airdrop troops and capture bases too, but I can't remember the details), therefore makes escorting transport/cappers extremely vital?

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Mar 30 2013, 3:40pm Anchor

It's best not to forget also, that there are helicopters in this game. They might be a fair bit slower than a transport, but with a much smaller footprint and the ability to land troops wherever you want.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Apr 9 2013, 8:08pm Anchor

So just a quick sum-up:

-The two teams compete for a large central airfield, with several small bases scattered around the map. The airfieds deduct points at varying rates depending on size from each team's pool of 300. The objective is to completely empty the opponent's pool of points while keeping your own losses minimal to gain the most bonus points at the end of a game. Teamwork is essential.

Gameplay Elements:
Players spawn at an uncapturable home airfield that does not affect the point pool, and can choose from a variety of aircraft classes to fly. All aircraft can capture bases at different rates by landing on them, and captured bases also spawn ground units that slowly move towards nearby objectives. Bases are protected by anti-air defences that will attempt to shoot down any approaching aircraft if the base is uncaptured. Once the base has been claimed, the defences shift allegiance and will become friendly to any fighters allied with the base. These defences can be destroyed to make capturing easier, but the base will have a period of time where it is less fortified once it has been captured, while the defences regenerate.

Fighters: Escort/Intercept
Multirole: Multirole :I
Attacker: SEAD/Airfield Neutralisation^
Transports: Airfield Capture/Repair*
Helicopter: Airfield Capture**, SEAD
AWACS: Increase Radar Range, Coordinate Ground Forces, Buff Allies

^AIrfield Neutralsation involves bombing all TGTs in bases until all are destroyed. The base then shuts down for three minutes during which all facilities are regenerated. Engineer teams can speed this up to one minute, but are vulnerable to attack.

*Transports can choose from a "SPWEP" of Infantry, Engineers or Mobile SAM Infantry and Engineers automatically deploy once the transport has come to a halt on the runway and either slowly cap the base (1min?), or increase repair speed by a certain percent, allowing the transport to fly off to manage other duties. They can be wiped out if an aircraft attacks the airbase. Mobile SAM is an airdropped SAM battery that deploys where it is set up, allowing transports to get some kills if they so desire.

**Helicopters can only drop infantry and engineer squads, and they cap/repair much slower (2min/15%) because of fewer manpower. Helicopters make up for it by having weapons to hit target with.

NOTE: More transports can deliver engineers and infantry to 'stack' up capture times and stuff.

Players can also spend points they earnt from kills and captures to purchase additional defences and base upgrades to supplement the bases they hold. These can range from additional AAA beyond the base minimum, self-repair ability, resistance to capture, etc. etc.

These add points if completed successfully. Both teams have a random timer that starts objectives every 3-5 minutes.

1. An allied supply convoy is moving in between two randomly selected airbases that are allied. The team that possesses the airfield must defend both the convoy and the airbase it is travelling to. Points are added based on distance between bases. (between 30-80)

2. Friendly commandos have retrieved a vital piece of intel from a randomly picked enemy base, but their extraction team has been comprimised. A transport must land on the enemy base's runway so that they can deliver the intelligence to home base. Mission is failed if the transport does not reach the base in three minutes, or is shot down when the commandos are onboard. Adds 50 points.

3. A randomly picked friendly base is proccessing information on new updates on enemy positions. Allied players must defend it from enemy attack until it finishes the upgrade in three minutes. Adds 50 points.

Again, with any objective, if the enemy succeeds in stopping the objective from being completed, they gain the bonuses from the mission reward.

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Nergal01 Smashing mall is normal. Stealing tiara is normal... But now? Nukes!?
Apr 9 2013, 8:44pm Anchor

A question anyway, could transport/helos could airlift light vehicles too? (DPVs? Humvees? LAVs? Sheridans?)

Such vehicles could support nearby infantry teams and help capture an airfield faster.

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MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Apr 10 2013, 12:08am Anchor

^ Eh, I don't really see the point. Wouldn't they just be fulfilling the same role as another infantry team?

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Apr 10 2013, 12:56am Anchor

I think it's expedites the capture while adding a second layer of risk. (having units in the air, exposed to the spectrum of ground and air threats, but with the ability to reach goals and deploy quickly)

Also, it could allow for storming areas that are geographically difficult for land units to reach, like over mountains and walls.

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MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Apr 10 2013, 9:20pm Anchor

Again, what would it add to the capture aspect of the airfield? There isn't much difference in having a tank on the airfield and another squad of troops (more targets, faster capture rate, etc.)

Instead, why not have air-dropped armour be extremely effective in destroying emplacements, but cannot capture them like infantry? Transports then must decide in between dropping armour out of range of SAM and AA batteries and having it destroy them so that allied transports can then capture, at the expense of losing the base's defences for a while, or risk getting shot down on the landing run but have firmer defence at te start.

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