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Post addon Report content Legends of Strangereal part 2
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Feb 7th, 2013
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Siregar3D for Galm Team Su-30 designs, bagera3005 for compiling the data about T-10
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A second part of Ace Combat's legendary ace ariplanes' paintojbs, both canon and re-imagined.

Installation: copy both folders in "...Desura\Common\vector-thrust\Objects\Airplane\", click "Yes" when prompted to merge folders.

Below lies fictional story behind all featured aircrafts.

Canon and Semi-Canon:

F-15B Active Mobius 1

During Usean Continental War, Mobius Squadron used a great many aircrafts. This F-15B Active was used during attack on the Tango Line. Mobius Squadron effectively utilized its potential to carry heavy fuel-air bombs to suppress the VTOL base at the mountain fortress.

MiG-29A Mobius

This MiG-29 was used by Mobius Squadron leader during middle stages of Usean Continental war, while ISAF was preparing to full-on offense. Most notable operations of this aircraft include the Comona Islands air battle and Operation Bunker Shot.

MiG-21bis Huckebein
The legendary Belkan ace Wolfgang Buchner a.k.a. Huckebein the Raven was known as one of the greatest pilots during Belkan war. It came as a shock to many of his comrades when he chose one day do defect, after receiving classified orders. During his defection attempt he risked going through the ongoing skirmish at area B7R. Presumably he was shot down there by some unknown party and died in the crash.
There's no photo materials depicting Huckebein's MiG-21, this replica uses similar, but slightly different paint scheme.

F-16C Scarface
As a mercenary Squadron, STFS Scarface always put most emphasis on usage of versatile aircraft. F-16C were held in high regard by the members of the Squadron, due to combination of flight characteristics and ability to fill a wide range of combat roles.

MiG-29A Faclo

During early stages of Aurelia-Leasath war Falco Squadron used these MiG-29s to repel initial assault on Aurelia. The aircraft proved its worth during a battle with aerial fortress Gandr, a prototype of Leasath super weapon XB-337 Gleipnir.

Su-47 Alect

Named after one of mythological Furies, Alect Squadron was usually assigned to guarding the capital of Leasath. They were recalled from that task to participate in combat testing of experimental fighter Fenrir. The plane depicted belonged to leader of Alect Squadron.
(A\N There's no word "alect" beside the squadron name that can be found by search engines. There's however "Alecto", a Fury. Knowing that Japanese usually have problems with western words it's safe to assume that "Alecto" was the intended name).

Su-27SM Gryphus One

This Su-27SM is used by Gryphus Squadron during airshows. It's distinct paintjob is called Víðarr, the slayer of Fenrir.

Su-33 Garuda

In the course of Anean Continental War the Garuda squadron often participated in operations that required usage of an aircraft carrier. Among those is interception of P-1112 Aigaion and the assault on Chandelier rail gun. Su-33s used by Garuda were initially captured at San Loma Air Force base.

Alternate universes:

Su-27SM Mobius One

This Su-27SM was used by Mobius One during Operation Katina. It was imported from Yuktobania as an early demonstrator of technologies to be used in developing Su-35S. Free Erusea rebellion provided ISAF with an excellent opportunity to test the aircraft in real combat conditions.

Su-30 Scarface

During the early days of the STFS Scarface, the squadron widely operated Su-30 interceptors as their main aircraft. While eventually, the STFS would upgrade to multirole Su-35A Super Flankers, it was Su-30 that first sprouted the mercenary force distinct paint scheme.

Su-30 Galm 1

At the time of Belkan War, the Su-30 was one of newest and most advanced interceptors in production. The Galm Squadron, being on the forefront of most Allied Force operations, took advantage of its advanced radar and preemptive strike capabilities.

(A\N: Su-30 Galm 1 and Galm 2 skin designs provided by Siregar3d)

Su-30 Galm 2

While F-15C Eagle was SoloWing Pixy's most favored aircraft, the T-10 family is one of those he could relate to. It did share a similar incidedent as Pixy's F-15.
(A\N: In a story similar to famous F-15 incidend, during T-10 prototype early testing one of the planes did also lost a wing. The pilot Nikolay Sadovnikov was able to land the damaged aircraft (Thanks to bagera3005 for compiling the information)).

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Legends of Strangereal part 2
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