Thrown into a Labyrinth for reasons unknown, you must roam through the darkness to find your escape. Do you have what it takes to get out alive? Or will you be another feast for the walls that seem to live? VANISH is a first person horror-adventure game that will make you question your own sanity.

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All in one even more like a great Horror experience.

i have watched the game i have yet to play it and so far it looks freaking horrifying keep up the great work!!!!!

This game is a work of art! The graphics are beautiful (for the Unity engine), the gameplay is smooth and easy to get into, and above all, this game is terrifying. I was scared playing in the middle of the day with my friend in the room. VANISH is so much more than a typical indie horror game. This game doesn't rely on jump scares, but instead taps into an actual fear response, making you feel claustrophobic, paranoid, and to doubt your own decisions. There are two different note systems, which contradict each other, and give you polar opposites in advice, making you unsure which one to trust. In addition to the map being a nearly unsolvable maze, the walls constantly shift, and more monsters appear the father you delve into the maze. Each time you die, the map is randomly regenerated, so that you can't just find a map on the internet and follow that, since everybody's play through will be different. In short, this game is a masterpiece. Play this game!


Wow, this game is really, really scary. Hell, I have watched countless videos of Vanish, knew what to expect, but this game still terrified me, literally. I am writing this review right after I played this game.

Let me just say that the atmosphere is spot on, especially with the volume turned up, headphones, and dark lighting. Every single thing that happened almost made me jump to the moon. Those damn pipes, never think your safe.

It listens. XvX

Let me just first say that I find this game to be quite terrifying, both mentally and... uh... physically. (Jumpings and all).

I think what works well for me in this game is the particular intense atmosphere you are placed in. I cannot express how many times those breaking pipes, light breaking, or even the sound effects in the background, have severely terrified me. It's the fact that you start loosing your sanity. This game LITERALLY drains your sanity, and what's worst, you have a creature of some sort that probably isn't from this dimension, chasing your ***. As soon as you first see this monster, or he starts chasing you, your sanity goes down hard. You just don't know if he'll be in front of you, behind you, or even on both your left and right when crossing those cross-ways. This game is all about messing with your sanity, and it does it well. That is true horror.

i pooped myself more than once

This game is perfect! Really great horror atmosphere, sound, everything! Great job guys!

I love the concept.

Everything in the game fits in with the title,this is a horror game where you are stuck in a sewer with a monster.

best of luck in the latest version!


wow much afraid such scare so moleman

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