Rise of the Demon is the first chapter of a 'storyline' game series that spans 5 chapters titled: Valcarta. The Valcarta series will be built on a premise of heavy storytelling in a split path fashion. There will be a minimum of 2 paths in every game in which the player can play and experience the events that will unfold. Each path will provide the character with different pieces of the puzzle to put together to allow the user to experience a full view of the events unraveling within the world. Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon contains 2 path, EACH with 20 hours of game play, for a grand total of 40 hours.

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Valcarta is a magical world suspended high above the clouds, out of reach of you or I... And on this island like world are many things far greater then anything our world has seen. Magic and Monsters rule over these lands... Not machines or money. Valcarta is a strange world indeed, will you dare to take a peek?

Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon, takes place on this magical world, within a province called Drachell. You will play as a young man named Valak, a villager from Orm. On a special day, where he is called upon by the mayor, Valak finds himself thrown into adventure by receiving a mysterious power by a witch! Little does he know, he is now on his was to sealing the fate of Drachell and all within it, forever.

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