Unreal offers a complete world for you to roam -- a world of incredible beauty and realism with the most detailed environments ever to grace your PC screen. In one seamless flowing world, race across vast outdoor and indoor environments, enter enchanting cities, mysterious temples, glittering mines, shattered ships, and crystal clear waters. Unreal delivers this cutting-edge realism on computers using a Pentium 166 or higher. And for those of you lucky enough to have a Pentium II, MMX technology or a video accelerator, the Unreal realms will become your reality. Not that it’ll be easy: with Unreal's array of fierce new fully polygonal enemies stalking your every move, it’ll be a struggle just to survive. You’ll have some help, of course: with an arsenal of incredible new weapons at your disposal, you should at least have a fighting chance against the Skaarj and their allies. But with over 300 frames of animation apiece, and monster AI (that's Artificial Intelligence to...

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Apr 1st, 2011

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Feb 24th, 2011

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