Unreal Tournament is the sucessor to the awesome game that was Unreal. Boosting the most advanced gaming engine when it was released, this game kicks some serious arse. Unreal Tournament's got it all without a doubt: ton's of amazing levels, kick-ass weapons, brain-melting modes of play, unbelievably deadly bots, and a slew of other features bound to have your happiness glands working overtime! I have not even mentioned the mod's either, and boy are they bountiful and bloody brilliant, with titles such as Strike Force. So give this game and spin, then crank up a few of it's mods and you will be wondering how you lived without this game!

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This game is amazing! It's so unlimited! 10/10 FOR UT!! LONG LIVE UT!!

This Game revolutionized the Multi-Player FPS franchise. It is still holding strong 12 years after its release.

Multiplayer only afair, but why did it sell for full price? A questionable followup to Unreal, which was better.

Basically a better network version from Unreal, which works GREAT. UT itself doesn't really need a story as Unreal was the story and UT was the multiplayer part of it. Dodging can be used to create more speed which is fun. The movement feels great as it is very free and you can do special moves and such (rocket jumps). UT was definitely THE BEST GAME at the time. You could see that as it was on the front page of each gaming magazine and it later became Game of the Year (GOTY). Groundbraking graphics for 1999 and there were many servers and many players, so there was always a game you could join in. Editor is included so many people could make extra content for this game. This resulted in many creations of skins, models, mods, maps and even whole singleplayer campaigns! So even though UT itself didn't really had a story, people were making them for the game. Thanks to that community, UT is still being played after 13 years!!

i played this when i was like 5... still love it! everyone should get it!

Really entretained game. And a classic.
Good for multiplayer gaming with friends.

The alternate fire is one of the best things of this game, something than not all the FPS got.

I have been playing Unreal Tournament since I was 7 years old, great game. Great gameplay, never lets me down.

I played it years ago,and I still play it.Because this game rocks.

Simply the best first person shooter game I ever played.

The atmosphere, speed, gameplay, mods and maps available with a big kind community makes this game what it still is TODAY, over 10 years later.

Out of all the original computer games I have played, Unreal Tournament is definitely one of the greatest. It's graphics are still better than some of the games today, as well as the many features it includes, and the mods that have been created for it fit right into the game and some are just downright amazing just like it's level editor system was amazing and available right from the start. I have enjoyed playing it and will for a long time to come

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