Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to 1999's multiple 'Game of the Year' award winner. It uses the very latest Unreal Engine technology - where graphics, sound and gameplay are taken beyond the bleeding edge. Unreal Tournament 2003 is a lightning-fast, no-holds-barred sport of the future, where warriors face off like the Gladiators of ancient Rome to determine the ultimate combatant. Super human reflexes, awesome weapons and the skill to use them effectively are what separate the good from the bad, the living from the dead, the victor from vanquished. Already this game is causing a stir with many mod authors turning to it in the quest to create a 'next generation' modification, by utilising this brilliant game engine. Whilst not much can be said many existing UT mods are said to be ported over so already this game looks like it is going to be a ripper - modification wise of course!

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Feb 8th, 2009

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