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weapons for terrans c-10 canister rifle, c-12 gauss rifle, flame throwers spider mines, vultures grenades, flare lockdown device nukes

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so far you follow the story of a marine. the game has alot of expanding to do so any suggestions are greatly welcome.

zerg- teeth, claws, kamikazes, spore/sunken colony, hornsthey are the weapons basically, the zergprotoss - proton cannon, blades, psionic energy, reavers, machine guns, (those things that come out of the carrier)thats about it weapon wise


Rts and Fps in one.
Have the ability for one human base commander
and other players as fps heroes such as Kerrigan and Raynor.
With some coding, it could work

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You're making a Starcraft mod but duno what the things from a carrier are? o.O Any true Starcraft <s>addict</s> fan would know they're interceptors. ^.^

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lol awsome mod and i must give you guys some props on your models, how ever Artanis is right get to know the game a little better and 'IF' you happen to forget when posting, post your thread then get in Starcraft and Find out what you forgot then Edit and fix your mistake.

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how about the battery guns from the terran ships, and seige tank turrent?
And for zerg, maybe lunge for zergling or something like the sort. and dont forget web like from a queen,

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This looks like its got real potential; coming from someone who was real excited for the Starcraft Ghost game- I'd love this.
Message me, I'd like to learn more about the team you got working on this.

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