Developed by Legend Entertainment (Wheel of Time, Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali), Unreal II - The Awakening is a single player experience. It is designed to immerse you in a living, breathing world of stunning, yet menacing beauty.

The game takes the concept of the first person shooter and drops it into the middle of a Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster movie of Epic proportions.

The story unfolds through high intensity combat missions linked by a narrative framework of in-game scripted sequences. Each mission will feature a different tactical situation, including hostage rescue, civilian escort, assault on an enemy base with a squad of friendly troops, defense of a structure or area against attacking enemy waves, stealth infiltration and reconnaissance, or more traditional FPS search and destroy sorties.

With the Unreal Editor software bundled once more, one can expect many game mods as people create their personalized Unreal universes.

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We publiched few shots from last weekly development meeting.. Head to our website to see more :D

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Sangelothi Dec 29 2007 says:

i do agree that the game wasnt as good as people thaught, but cmon, the game was still fun...though the tactics in the game ruined everything...easy is too easy to even be fun, normal is hard, and hard is, well im not going that far, lets just say annoying, anyway, yeah the tactics ruined the game, people in the mist in front of u would just snipe you with a machine gun, and u cant even tell where the hit is coming from, it took forever to kill one guy as it take like one shot to kill you...and the sheild would disappear after a certain amount of time, so u would always try to shotgun some one to death to pick up the sheild quickly, but you most likely would just die

overall to me-7/10

+2 votes     reply to comment
Sexmachine_v2 Apr 20 2006 says:

is that they almost didnt make any mods for it and that i only came across the skaarj 2 times in the game. i thought unreal 2 was going to be more like a war gamem but it looks i was mistaken.

i want to make a mod for it but i know nothing off modding, moddeling nor skinning, can someone help me with like a tutorial or something

+2 votes     reply to comment
TomV_666 Dec 15 2005 says:

Though Unreal 2 is a really bad game, SOME parts of the game were actually fun!
Let's start with gameplay. The gameplay sucked.
Slow player movement, the shooting felt bad. You could'nt "feel" you were shooting. It all was a boring experience. The way the shotgun worked was IDIOTIC! No matter how far an enemy was away from you, he still could hit you. That IS annoying!

The graphics are... sometimes beautiful, but they are slow, even on a 2.8 GHz cpu!
I don't know why, but somehow, Unreal Tournament 2003 both looked better, and ran faster!
Unreal 2 was a pain in the ***! Seriously, there are so many unececary scenes in this game it all fell apart. If atari just could filter all the annoying and unimportant sequences and put the game toghether like a real game! May I mention the space apes? The first enemy you meet? I remember shooting them, only hearing the bad sound of my assault rifle. You couldn't hear their flesh rip. That is actually nececcary to give you the "feeling" of shooting.

In Unreal 1, the atmosphere was great. In Unreal 2, the atmosphere is dull and silent.
In Unreal 1, the story was revealed by exploration. In Unreal 2, hundreds of dull dialogues built up hundreds of uninteresting fact's about the "story".
The story was boring too.
IN UNREAL 1, the enviroment's were interesting, the creatures were native, not like Unreal 2, coming to a random planet with one or two low threat salamanders, and no more. It's unececcary!
In Unreal 1, every weapon was unique. At least some of them.
The shock rifle, the bio rifle, the flak cannon, the eightball. They were not usual and linear like:
Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenades.
In Unreal 2, there are tons of weapons. But all of them are boooring.

May I mention that the claustrofobic feeling of Unreal 1 was completley gone in Unreal 2?
In Unreal 2, you get radio transmissions all the time. It gives you the feeling of not being alone. THAT, and the bad atmosphere makes Unreal 2 into a absolutley boring soup.
In Unreal 1 you were alone all the time. It gives you the feeling that you must survive. Not complete hundreds of boring missions, but to survive.

Conclusion: Unreal 2 = 2\10

-2 votes     reply to comment
dDefinder Apr 29 2005 says:

Only thing that i see in this game is the graphics but gameplay seemed liner and flat striaght forward, scripted fun.

+2 votes     reply to comment
MetaMod Dec 31 2004 says:

I dont know but I still can't wait to see if they making Unreal 3. But plz make longer

+2 votes     reply to comment
HangPhyr Dec 22 2004 says:

Yeah it was pitifully short. Its really bad how nowadays game developers slap together a pretty engine and only make a few hours of gameplay for it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mp5h4x May 3 2004 says:

Unreal 2 was fine... except it ran like *** and seemed too short.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wilhelm_III Jan 7 2004 says:

I just got the game, but I think it's friggen cool already!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Yoshiro Dec 10 2003 says:

XMP just came out, so start your Co Op mods

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sajt Oct 9 2003 says:

carmatic wrote:hmm seekin bombs... is that the funky giant organism level? they could have done soooooo much with the concept, unfortunately the level was made traditionally, everything's still, everything's static, only the fog and the particle effects to keep you and your enemies company.....

Yeah, that's it, those stupid seeking things moved horribly too. I bet I know the AI algorithm used:
If (my x < your x) mx++; else if (my x > your x) mx--;
If (my y < your y) my++; else if (my y > your y) my--;
If (my z < your z) mz++; else if (my z > your z) mz--;

Yes folks that's actually what they moved like. And the level they were on remind me of Zerg, with giant eyelash hairs growing out of the ground. Like Brundlefly's back early on ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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the begginning really sucks... But when you reach later maps you get so many cool weapons that you cant stop playing

Feb 13 2011 by bluluxabica

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