Type 4X strategy, where the action is located in space. Play as the leader of a civilization and take care of her survival and smooth development. The battles and management of the galactic empire are turn based and require unique strategies in order to win. Game World is automatic generated without borders automatically expanding. Ships can be fully customized made from ten parts. There are 4 ships type's in UC: Civil, Small (Fighter), Medium (Crusier), Heavy (Destroyer). You can chose names for yours units and change them at any time. Tech tree got 73 elements. Save can be moved between platforms it's even compatible with android version.

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Universal Civilizations originally started out as a Galactic Civilizations 2 fan game. Slowely it progressed into it's own title.

While thsi game does many things well, it's lack of unique content is it's main hinder. Begin based off Galactic Civilizations 2 many of it's features, menus and gameplay experiences are the same as the 6 year old title galciv2. What this game could benefit from is a rework of it's menus and interface, as well as a graphical overhaul. While indeed they say you should nhever judge a book by it's cover Games are a combination of graphics, sound, playablity and interface. So graphics do play a big part in a games rating.

overall what i think Universal Civilizations needs most is content to make it stand appart from galciv2, being so similar in both gameplay and interface it's hard not to compare and judge this game in comparison to the successful stardock title.

i put a 10/10 because i liked the grahics and gameplay and i also like planets too.


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