A roguelike game inspired by the literature of Jorge Borges, Umberto Eco & Neal Stephenson, and the games Europa Universalis and Dark Souls. URR aims to explore several philosophical and sociological issues that both arose during the sixteenth and seventeenth century (when the game is approximately set), and in the present day, whilst almost being a deep, complex and highly challenging roguelike. It explores questions of philosophical idealism, cryptography, linguistics and the writing and formation of the historical record, and will challenge players to hopefully think in ways and about themes that are rarely touched upon by games.

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'Strategy roguelike' Ultima Ratio Regum now comes with polar regions, and all the threats that lurk within...

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Ultima Ratio Regum's world generation is continuing apace! There are currently seven major biomes, and the last of these is the one I want to particularly talk about today:

- Tropical: dense jungle, lots of hills, some mountains.
- Savannah: sparse, few hills, borders deserts.
- Desert: sand dunes, rare oases (a future news update!), occasional caravans, camps or trading posts.
- Temperate: grassland, some forests, some woodland, some mountains; many civilizations!
- Taiga: lots of forest, few hills, much colder than temperate.
- Tundra: sparse, cold; a favourite retreat for criminals or mages.
- and, finally, Polar.

The polar regions are getting particular development attention at the moment. They are primarily snow, but also contain layers of ice, with water underneath. Particularly heavy creatures have the ability to crack the ice and fall to the water below; similarly, falling from a great height will result in the ice breaking. Water is also different depending on the biome, so the stuff here is much more deadly to your health than a pleasant tropical lagoon near the equator.

Also visible in this image are coastlines and currents! Water from oceans or connected to oceans laps against the shore, while water in lakes remains relatively still (rivers are the next development objective). Very small creatures will sometimes struggle against the current, but humans and larger don't have any trouble with it.

Polar regions are also going to get particular attention for the alpha when ruins are created, as many a civilization has lived and died in these harsh regions...

You can read more on my devblog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. The devblog is updated weekly on Mondays, and the Twitter/FB roughly daily. Plus, those who follow will get updates first, and may gain access to the alpha (or particular facets of the alpha) before the general public. Stay tuned! : )



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And you might, just, get that. WAR BEARS. I see no reason why those living up there wouldn't domesticate large quadrupeds in the same way people in more temperate regions do horses...

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