It is the year 2084. You control a secret organization charged with defending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases, prepare your soldiers, and lead them to victory in turn-based tactical combat.

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Beautiful looking game so far. Everlasting love and support from me!

Altought the graphics is a bit spritey, the gameplay is as deep as ever. A bit too easy compared to the old TFTD Times, its fun to hunt aliens down and kill 'em.
The Techtree needs a bit overwork, since its too easy to stall in the early game and build up into the overpowered GDF late game.
The models are few but nice. I love it. Will write more as i went later in the game.

on my (pretty old) pc not quite stable with windows and with linux too slow, but gameplay and graphics are superb!

well this team has some serious skill.I love the old school cut back to xcom,but it pushes the boundries way more then its predacesor did.Also
i would like to have some voices in your old school when you click on a souilder and they say lines.Makes the game more immersive.but a very great game for free of the stuff i love,,so ty for this guys and gals just proves there is nive people in this world that could make money of this calibure but choose to give this to us for free ty and i look forward to more updates and games from this kick *** company.

compiled smoothly, run fine, addictive, good graphics. Really enjoyable


If it had a few things from XCOM: Apocolypse that I liked, it would be just about perfect. Still, a 10 out of 10 is good enough of a rating for it.

Holy hell!
I thought this wasn't going to be that great. Most remakes of XCOM aren't but damn... this one is great.

I didn't like Aftermath but man... this one is great.
It runs smooth, I love the way the base works, I love the way the geoscape looks. The combat is identical to the original with some nice things thrown in like shotguns and flamethrowers PLUS A BETTER UI!

Great game and runs smooth on my ****** old laptop.
Thanks for making it!


It's a pleasure to come back to this kind of game.
UFO Enemy unknown, XCOM, ...

If this were a potato it'd be a good potato.

The best free turn-based tactics game I know!

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