Chapter One: Overlord

Traction Wars is a Free to Play, standalone WWII Realism Game utilising the CRYENGINE. It will offer a gaming experience that highlights realistic and historically accurate environments leading you through the battlefields of WWII. The first release "Overlord", will feature the early stages of the Normandy Campaign between the British and German Armies. From the infamous D-Day invasions through to the capture of Caen in the Summer of 1944, players will take part in some of the most fierce and bloody battles in history. Traction Wars will be released in a series of chapters, each expanding upon the previous. Chapter One: OVERLORD, is currently in development.

The following features will be included in the first release:

  • Two Nations (Britain and Germany)
  • Teamwork Orientated Gameplay
  • 20+ beautifully authentic WWII weapons
  • Squad & Command System
  • Balanced & Historically Accurate Class System
  • Historically accurate and detailed maps
  • Custom Interfaces and HUD
  • Original Soundtrack

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Ambience in the levels act as a base layer of audio, providing location-based sound for when the gunfire falls silent. The wind, birds, and rivers are low in the mix and usually masked by weapon fire, but without it the gameplay area would feel empty and unnatural.

The fun part about game audio is that no matter how realistic you try to make it, it is always entirely fake. Unlike with film where you return to the edit room with some audio from the shooting location, the silent game world is the audio equivalent of a blank canvas. You can apply anything you want as the level ambience, provided it makes sense to the project! In our Pegasus Bridge map for example I use several main wind recordings, mixed with localised bird chirps and rustling trees. The ambience sounds different in each part of the map and you can hear the changes as you are running through it.

While we don’t use a dynamic time cycle in our maps, it was important to create a setup that would cater for it anyway. This means the two different times of day for each of our maps are able to have distinct ambiences that can change just as easily as the lighting, without requiring multiple triggers or map layers.


There is a lot more to weapon audio than the simple ‘bang’. You want to be able to hear the weapon fire, the casing drop to the floor, the bullet impact, the echo around the landscape, and then the bullets from the enemy whizzing past you as they return fire. It is with all of these stems working together that you get close to the intensity that the game requires.

The bullet impacts are some of the most aggressive sound effects in the game; I wanted every individual bullet to be noticed whether it hits you or not. If you are taking cover behind a crate then expect to hear the wood splinter and crack in front of you. Similarly, hiding behind a car or the metal structure of Pegasus Bridge will cause loud metallic pings to ring out around you, and if a bullet flies past you will hear the ‘swish’ as it whizzes over your head. When this is combined with the visual suppression effect it heavily affects your ability to pinpoint your attacker, and when all of this is combined with our HRTF-based 3D audio, gunfights can be a very tense experience!


I set out with an aim to have as much of the ingame audio created by the players as possible. I didn’t want an overly complex atmosphere, instead preferring a focused yet understandably hectic audio mix. I wanted the gunfights and explosions to be harsh and disorienting, but most importantly to be influenced by their real-world characteristics. This is why you can hear every weapon in the game from no matter where it is fired. I have spent far too many hours creating and refining a complex filter system, along with intricate crossfading to make each weapon sound as you would expect it to at 10 meters, 50 meters, and 200 meters distance. This has been time consuming and the parameters are constantly being tweaked as the mix changes, but the outcome is a very dynamic and responsive battleground. I’ve even added a delay that increases with distance, so at range you will see the explosion before you hear it, modeling the speed of sound.

Just like many aspects of the game, the audio is constantly being tweaked and adjusted, and will continue to be refined up to release. Obviously there are many audio requirements that have not been mentioned here, but the weapon audio system has been a large project in itself and thankfully it’s easy enough to expand to additional firearms and equipment in the future.

Dev Blog #33: Player Identification

Dev Blog #33: Player Identification

News 10 comments

One of the key issues we have discovered during our testing is that despite playing the game 'seriously' testers are continuing to struggle with identification...

News Update #64: State of the Game

News Update #64: State of the Game

News 7 comments

In our last update we talked about the continuing development of our internal build 'Overlord-lite' and the process of refinement we are currently going...

State of the Game IV

State of the Game IV

News 9 comments

The past few weeks since our last update have been a hive of activity for the team, and for the first time ever we’re very excited to bring you some...

State of the Game III

State of the Game III

News 7 comments

The past year has been a successful one for the development of the game. In recent months the team has been working on what we have dubbed ‘Overltord-lite’...

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Will there be Czechoslovakia?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how is this games gameplay supposed to be? capture point, frot line (something like an advancing front line each time a certain objective is captured) or is it going to be a team death match?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

is this still alive? i havent heard anything for a while

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh yes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


what nations are coming other than germany USA russia UK and japan?

i want to know if we will see any of these in the future...


just a yes or no on any of them in a reply would be nice.
down votes would not be soo nice...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-11 votes

It's normandy dude... so only germans, british and maybe US.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

canada and poland are reasonable additions too. (polish armoured division and 1st canadian army)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Isnt the polish armored division just British tanks with polish drivers..... dont see the point, its just markings on a tank thats different

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Is "Festung Europa" dead now and me must hope of "Traction Wars"? Who would be the differences?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Festung Europa's trailer actually just came out, but with currently very low views. It has apparently beem forgotten by most of its supporters.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[TWDEV]_General_Naga Creator

Can't speak for the Festung team but we are definitely alive and kicking.

We are all about the historical accurate, realism and teamwork... and free of course.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

very nice to hear. I hope that you added the british/canadian landing beaches like Sword, Juno and Gold as maps too?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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