Towns brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

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It is a game with great potential. The gameplay is like DF Lite (If it existed), which is not coincidental because the developers said they had Toady's masterwork in mind while working on this game.

An important difference between Towns and DF is that Towns has an interface more attuned to the human eyes. That's right, wanna mine that wall? Click, drag, click, orders are now set! Now watch the Townsfolk perform hard labor!

(Note: Press Ctrl to toggle wall visibility. It makes tracking your village's going-ons easier.)

But for the next patch, something more unique will be added: Heroes and parties! In order to clear the dungeons at depth level 3 and below, one has to attract heroes to your Town. Then, try to keep them there with food, a cosy tavern and rewards for doing their thing! Once heroes are introduced, you can help them by adding soldiers to their parties. Once a dungeon level is cleared out, the villagers can safely access the floor.

There are still some minor issues, but that is what the beta phase is for. The developers listen closely to their fans on the forums and are actively involved with the (still quite small) community they have amassed.

If you're not going to buy it now, at least keep an eye on it.

fun game. i like the concept.
it's still young but has great potential.

if you like discovering and trying out new games, this is the thing for you.

if you prefer the big games with awesome graphics, you might want to wait a few releases.

Fantastic game with BIG potential. Fairly nice (but simple) graphics. It is hard sometimes to place things due to the inability to rotate or change camera angle.
Needs alot of game testing. The balance of different things needs adjusting. The AI is amazingly stupid. Citizens are not even smart enough to avoid fights so they die very easily without weapons. Speaking of weapons and defence. Before you get iron you are nearly defenceless. Which is kind of stupid when you have access to both stone and wood. You can chop down trees but not monsters?
Unfortunatly it is possible to actually end up in a very dumb situation. You can spend MANY hours on a village but perhaps not having iron at that time. One or two monsters spawn (warepigs?) and ALL of your little people can simply become dead. That is a HUGE turn off. Either enable a monster free world (optional) until you are ready (you can turn on them whenever) OR improve the mechanics! Other than things like this the game is fantastic.
Oh, yes, the handling of containers are less good. Also the strange hight system (in order to view different hight levels) are quite difficult to use. That needs fixing big time!
But I hope these issues will get done in time. The game is otherwise to good not to. :)

A solid management game, some parts are kinda hard to master the tutiorals are not that great but, all in all a game woth buying.

VERY SURPRISINGLY addictive for being relatively simple so far, and a FAR more entertaining game than the other two in the bundle that I purchased(originally looked for 3079 and found it bundled with Towns and some EXTRA poor platformer or something which was godawful.)

Je joue à Towns depuis pas mal de temps, mais je n'ai jamais été très loin dans les niveaux. Pourquoi? Parce que je subit de très nombreux crash. Je pense que le jeu est assez mal optimisé et c'est un énorme point négatif. La bande son est horrible, aussi bien que les sons (construisez votre "dining room" au sous-sol) que la musique (que l'on désactive tout de suite en général).
Et pourtant, j'aime beaucoup ce jeu, la progression est vraiment géniale et la gestion n'est pas très facile (je vous garantis que vous mourerez de faim plusieurs fois en commençant le jeu ^^). J'aime beaucoup le défi de l'optimisation de l'espace (utilisez un mur pour plusieurs batiments et pensez à entourer votre ville de murs). Le contenu qui a été ajouté dans les mises à jour est vraiment top (murs de couleur, nouveaux monstres...).
Ce jeu me semble donc très prometteur mais il est TRES mal optimisé. Comme je ne peux pas y jouer sans qu'il crash, je vais continuer à regarder les vidésod'Iplay4you qui m'a fait découvrir Towns et Desura.


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