Long ago, the galaxy had known peace. Paradise was ruled with the hand of science, and the hand was that of the galactic governing body known as the Core. Ironically, it was the Core's ultimate victory, the victory over death itself, that brought about the downfall of its paradise and started the war that would decimate a million worlds.

The immortality process, known as "patterning," involved the electronic duplication of brain matrices, allowing the transfer of consciousness into durable machines. Effectively it meant immortality, and the Core decreed the process mandatory for all citizens in order to ensure their safety.

However, there were many citizens unwilling to toss aside their bodies so casually, many indeed who regarded patterning as an atrocity. They fled to the outer edges of the galaxy, forming a resistance movement that became known as the Arm. War began, though it was never officially declared by either side.

The Arm developed high-powered combat suits for its armies, while the Core transferred the minds of its soldiers directly into similarly deadly machines. The Core duplicated its finest warriors thousands of times over. The Arm countered with a massive cloning program. The war raged on for more than 4,000 years, consuming the resources of an entire galaxy and leaving it a scorched wasteland.

Both sides lay in ruins. Their civilizations had long since vanished, their once vast military complexes were smashed. Their armies were reduced to a few scattered remnants that continued to battle on ravaged worlds. Their hatred fueled by millenia of conflict, they would fight to the death. For each, the only acceptable outcome was the complete and utter annihilation of the other.

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Escalation Beta 8.1.1

Total Annihilation: Escalation 8.1.1 has been released. With it come numerous changes since the 6.8 release that was listed here on moddb. Here are the most major:

New player colors

'White' has been replaced by 'Pink', 'Dark Blue' has been replaced by 'Gold', 'Yellow' has been replaced by 'Orange','Black' has been replaced by 'Teal', 'Tan' has been replaced by a darker shade that is known as 'Maple', and finally 'Green' has been lightened up somewhat so it is more easily identified when near 'Teal' units. Minimap radar icons have also been changed for improved visibility.


New Construction Mobile hotkeys

Mobile constructors may now place certain structures via hotkeys, no longer do you have to rely on clicking the build icon to place them. Please, consult page 4 inside the help function ingame to see the hotkeys.

Enhanced Energy and Metal economy

TIer 1 and Tier 2 Metal Makers are now 25% more effective. Tier 3 Fusion Reactor energy output has been changed to 5,000 energy for both sides.

Improved Mines

The Mobile Minelayers for both sides can now lay underwater Mines. Mines can also now be laid much faster due to instant buildtimes, however metal, and energy costs are unchanged so be prepared to have the resources necessary for laying them.

Improved Hovercraft

Hovercraft, on Tier 1 and 2 are in general cheaper, and faster to produce. T2 Hovercraft have had their firepower and/or armor improved. The Tier 3 Hovercraft have been improved with higher dps, and their weapons are now groundfire-based.

Improved Crawling Bombs

They have been improved so that they now pose a greater threat to Light Laser Towers, and to other ground units while on the ground. However, the Tier 3 Arm Vermin has had its armor reduced.

Tier 1 ground unit adjustments

Warriors now have more range, Stumpies, and Raiders are larger in appearance.

Units that are new since 6.8

Arm Bulwark - A Tier 1 pop-up Missile Tower

Arm Gremlin - A Tier 1 Gauss Tank

Arm Cerberus - A Tier 3 Assault Tank

Arm Sfoil - A Tier 3 Air Superiority Fighter

Arm Citadel - A Tier 2 Shield Generator

Arm/Core Deputy Commander - A Tier 3 version of the Commander

Arm/Core Hover Radar Jammer - A Tier 2 Jamming Hovercraft

Core Impulse - A Tier 2 Charge Field Emitter structure

Core MAK - A Medium Laser Kbot

Core Vault - A Tier 3 Combined Resource Storage

Core Defiler - T3 Radiation Spiderbot

Both sides also now have a Tier 3 air factory that is dedicated to building their Tier 3 air options. And there are many more changes for you to find, Commander. Now go, and Escalate your experience!

Total Mayhem 7.06 is here

Total Mayhem 7.06 is here

1 year ago Total Mayhem 1 comment

Okay, so our installer guy is not available yet, so in the meantime here is an update to Total Mayhem with all the latest goodies. You will need to install...

Total Annihilation Escalation

Total Annihilation Escalation

2 years ago Total Annihilation: Escalation 11 comments

The latest version of Total Annihilation Escalation is here!

Total Mayhem 6.92 released!

Total Mayhem 6.92 released!

2 years ago Total Mayhem 6 comments

Total Mayhem 6.92 has been released - with a full installer! In conjunction with the new version of the TA Unofficial patch 3.9

Total Mayhem 6.8 released! Trajectory towards 7...

Total Mayhem 6.8 released! Trajectory towards 7...

2 years ago Total Mayhem 4 comments

Total Mayhem beta 6.8 is released! Not sure why I continue to have the beta tag, maybe I want to break gmail's record. Wait, I've already broken gmail's...

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TA:Enhanced Alpha 0.2b

TA:Enhanced Alpha 0.2b

1 week ago TA:Enhanced Full Version 0 comments

Alpha 0.2b includes a totally new unit (model, script, buildpic...), a T3 Metal Extractor (Krogoth Faction), meant to replace the CORE Krogoth Rumen...

TA:Enhanced Alpha 0.1

TA:Enhanced Alpha 0.1

1 month ago TA:Enhanced Full Version 2 comments

First alpha version of the mod. Is 98% bugfree, however it may have some balance issues (though I worked a lot to make balance as good as possible. The...

Escalation Beta 8.1.1

Escalation Beta 8.1.1

1 month ago Total Annihilation: Escalation Full Version 0 comments

8.1.1 beta release, see the changelog for changes.

Total Mayhem 7.06

Total Mayhem 7.06

1 year ago Total Mayhem Full Version 7 comments

Big GUI upgrade, improved starting economy and a bunch more units in this update. * NOTE you need to have 6.92 already installed before unzipping this...

The Secret Forces v0.7.4a (Preview)

The Secret Forces v0.7.4a (Preview)

1 year ago The Secret Forces Full Version 0 comments

This is a Preview of version "0.7.4a" for people who want to play it early before it is done.

The Secret Forces v0.7.3a

The Secret Forces v0.7.3a

1 year ago The Secret Forces Full Version 0 comments

This version adds the level 2 vehicles and fixes the errors causing the factory nanospray to come the wrong place on all factories.

Post comment Comments  (40 - 50 of 63)
fallenleader Feb 6 2009 says:

Total annihilation is an icon and the Arm and Core badges will be found by something or someone a thousand years from now.

They will learn of the mighty war we have waged.

Long Live Total Annihilation!!! Eternal.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Warlord_Zsinj Feb 2 2009 says:

All hail the king of awesomeness in RTS gaming.

+2 votes     reply to comment
White-Direwood Feb 2 2009 says:

a classic wich still keeps its fans entertained. Supreme commander was epic but total annihilation was more fun. just love to mass defence a corner. no one can thrue even with a massive army >D. love this game worth a try to any rts/stragedy game fans.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Zagadka Jan 30 2009 says:

Huge game, Huge fun, Huge Community.

Thank you Mod DB for taking on our files.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Robots! Jan 29 2009 says:

looks alot like earth 2150.

but i cant stand graphics like that... not that i think its a bad game, but i just cant stand half 3d graphics.

0 votes     reply to comment
Gnostic Sep 24 2008 says:

Seriously is the best RTS ever made. Am modding it now actually!

Still going strong!

+2 votes     reply to comment
W4lt3r Mar 23 2007 says:

taspring.clan-sy.com, These guys really do their job well, For those who like to get full control of the camera, control units yourself etc etc.

+ Loads of addon mods to this too.

Check it out ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
~LynX Jun 18 2006 says:

If TA is second best to Warzone 2100, why isn't there hundreds of mods for it with a still-active modding community? Or why doesn't it get mentioned in "best games in RTS category" awards?

TA was released in 1997, and Warzone in 1999. So Warzone 2100 borrowed TA's mechanics and added unit customisation to make it different, but can't match TA in the sheer size of battles.

TA is a game that has many revolutionary features, and in a sense it is the first true (and up to today, the only) real-time strategy game to really justify its name as a strategy game, while the rest have more or less been real-time tactical micromanagement fests.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slick_mk1 Jan 24 2006 says:

Man I can't wait for Supreme Commader, hell it's made by Chris Taylor the game designer behind Total Annihilation. It looks like a beefed up version and man does it look kewl!!! I wish I knew if it was moddable.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slye_Fox Feb 11 2006 says:

Quote: virtualy unlimited build queues , no game has duplicated this yet, allowing multiple construction units to help build strutures and units

Warzone 2100 does have unlimited build cues. It also has it's construction units (trucks) capable of building one structure with multiple units.

There is one thing which warzone 2100 which no other RTS game does have too, a unit design system.

+1 vote     reply to comment
techmarine92 Aug 5 2008 replied:

Actually that is not true. Earth 2150 was second to warzone 2100 and gave the game a more beautiful look and more options to play with. however both games were amazing in their own rights.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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This is only for those who can appreciate old games and look past the dated visuals. If you can't, go play something else because this game won't be for you. Plenty of unit variety, a thriving modding community, an excellent soundtrack and many more things make Total Annihilation a truly fantastic RTS of it's time. This game, in my personal opinion, is better than a lot of modern RTS games. You can purchase this game, complete with The Core Contingency and Battle Tactics expansion packs, via digital…

Feb 27 2011 by MrElusive603

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