ALPHAFUNDING +FAILED+ | TEAM GOT DISPERSED In order to continue development, we have to put a new team together, and fund the game through alternative source of funding. That will take some time. This project has not been abandoned. Unless information comes from the official source, please disregard online rumors. Indie game dev is a very tough business and the year 2013 is even tougher due to many new indie studios funded by former AAA developers. Competition for human resources and funding is fierce. People who believed it the game and ordered alpha - huge thank you, you will never be forgotten and when the game is resurrected, we will make it up to you, somehow. Thank you for understanding.

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quentin405 says

I would like to say that in the games current state, I probably would rate it a bit lower then 8. I chose instead to give it an 8 based on coming features and what is possible in the future! I can even imagine giving it a 9. First the graphics are so very pretty for a dungeon theme. And when I am playing the quite basic alpha build, there are SO many ideas going through my head. Of things that would be cool, spells, weapons. I am literally dying of anticipation for a much later polished build. If you appreciate high quality indie games, I suggest grabbing this game soon to help the great devs out.

On a closing note, I would for sure give this game a 10 if it had some sort of Leveling / Skill RPG-lite type system. I don't mean a full fledged RPG but just some basic things. Maybe just unlock cooler weapons with achievment points.. Anywho, its a must have for indie lovers. 8/10 now, probably 9/10 with all the features in,


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