Titan: Dawn is set hundreds of years after humanity has achieved the ability of deep space exploration and colonization. The main governmental force in the universe is the Union of Free Worlds, a dogmatic dominion that rules with strict authority over the hundreds of planets that make up the core worlds. Numerous other factions have emerged in hopes of overthrowing this dictatorship. Due to these events, a massive conflict is brewing that leaves the galaxy on the verge of all-out war.

At the center of this conflict are the Titans, a group of genetically enhanced humans. Some view this emergent race as the next step of evolution for mankind. Others believe their superhuman powers to be a liability.

You enter into this story at a pivotal time, and the choices you make will determine balance of power in the universe.

Titan: Dawn is a game based on the classic foundations of the RPG genre. Experience is gained, new levels are achieved, and more powerful skills and abilities are unlocked. You will grow your character into one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

A deep and multilayered storyline keeps you searching for answers and engaging with the people you meet throughout the game. Our non-linear approach gives you several options, rather than forcing you to complete the same quests in the same order each time you play. A multitude of dialog options give you the chance to hold meaningful conversations that aid your progress or get you into serious trouble. Beneficial side quests and mini-games add even more depth, and give you the opportunity and incentive to explore every corner of the game.

Titan: Dawn is a game where your decisions have consequences. The choices you make during the game reverberate throughout the remainder of the story, and offer a unique gaming experience each time you play. Even minor and seemingly inconsequential actions can greatly influence the final outcome. The allegiances your character makes will be entirely up to you, and will dictate the direction you go and the ultimate conclusion to the game.

With no set system of morality, the decision process becomes much more personal and challenging. What may seem to be the “right” choice in one scenario can have adverse consequences later on in the game.

Titan: Dawn offers a wide array of weapon classes and modifications, armor types, powers, skills, attributes, and available party members that each offer their own benefits and weaknesses, giving you a wealth of playing options.

In Titan: Dawn, you may prefer to run and gun, focus on spell casting or become a master of stealth. All styles can lead you to victory.

Merchants and randomized loot offer players the chance to discover new items and upgrade their current gear. Rather than using simple graduated armor and weapon types, modifications and powerful augmentations can be added to your favorite pieces of gear. Even items found in the early stages of the game can grow and become immensely powerful.

Encounters happen in real-time, and require both strategy and quick thinking. With the multitude of customizations offered, you have the power to tailor your character’s approach to combat in a way that best fits your preferred style. Our approachable yet dynamic control system lets you take full advantage of your character's abilities.

Enemies are sophisticated and numerous. As you progress through different stages, you will be presented with various adversaries, each with their own unique combat strategy. This requires you to constantly adjust your tactics to suit the given situation.

Mini-games have a tendency to lack depth and interest. In Titan: Dawn, mini-games act as a pivotal aspect of story development, and are built to a level of complexity that actually merits the time it takes to solve them.

Our unique three dimensional hacking system delivers a sense of real achievement upon completing a challenge. Other immersive mini-games give you a wider range of gameplay such as engaging in high-stakes racing, underground fights, and equipment crafting.

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New Beta Update - Build

The new beta can be downloaded via the Downloads page on our main website.

As always, please check to make sure your feedback/bugs/suggestions haven't already been addressed before posting. Thank you for playing our game!

Change Log

icon new
Added Content
  • Completely revamped the melee combat system.
    • You can now freely move while swinging a melee weapon.
    • You can now freely move while blocking with a melee weapon.
    • Blocking will now always block an attack, mitigating a random percentage of the damage.
    • Damage mitigation is based off chance and Melee Specialization.
    • Enemies using melee weapons will now be more strategic and defensive.
  • Turrets now have a short “acquiring target” phase when discovering an enemy.
  • Added new sounds for lockers.
  • The Summoned Drone now properly targets enemies and no longer shoots at walls.
  • Added new sounds for the Summoned Drone power.
  • Added new sounds for the Pulse Pistol and Pulse Rifle.
  • Decreased the overall damage of melee weapons to balance with new changes to the melee system.
  • Added a new spawning effect for the Deploy Drone power
  • RICO will now heal the player in combat whenever the player’s health goes below 30%.
icon customize
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the AI where guards would sometimes rapidly toggle crouching while firing their weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling up with a sword equipped would crash the game.
  • The guard at the introduction of the first level is now much easier to dispose of.
  • Items spawned from containers no longer fall through the game world.
  • You can now properly cancel out of the character creation menu.
  • Lockers in the Robotics Department now function properly as containers.
  • Fixed RICO’s health so that he is much more useful in battle.
  • Fixed the Summoned Drone’s starting health to be much more modest.
  • You can no longer spawn an infinite amount of drones. (Sorry, guys)
icon decide
Known Issues
  • The Drone has some troubles coming out of alert mode.
  • Some items are difficult to pick up when dropped on the ground.
  • Ability Quickslots clear when moving from one level to the next.
  • It is possible to shoot through objects of a given size.
  • Energy Weapons sometimes malfunction when in the lobby of the Robotics Department.
  • Saving and Loading have been disabled.
  • Some objects in the game world do not have sound.
  • The shotgun has no reload animation.
  • Particle effects sometimes stay on enemies even after they have died.
  • The drone has no death effect.
  • Some powers aren’t plugged in yet and don’t work.
  • Enemies can kill themselves when throwing grenades.
icon decide
Upcoming Features
  • Further balancing of AI behavior.
  • Drone and Mech enemy types.
  • Boss battle at the end of the Cargo level.
  • Item quickslot usage and assignment.
  • Level occlusion for all level environments.
  • Better tutorials and descriptions.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to let us know! We are active every day on our forums and do our best to answer questions as they come. The open beta period will last for several more weeks and once finished will become the game’s official demo.

Viewpoint Games Team

New Beta Update - Build

New Beta Update - Build

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We've been working very hard at implementing your suggestions over the last two weeks and we are very excited to present to you our newest beta! Included...

[Beta Update] Build Version

[Beta Update] Build Version

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A new beta has been released fixing many bugs and adding new features. The beta can be downloaded from our home website

New Website Up!

New Website Up!

News 0 comments

We've finally managed to update our hideously outdated website! If you're reading this, then chances are you've already seen some of the new improvements...

Open Beta Released!

Open Beta Released!

News 5 comments

We've been hard at work, and finally have something substantial to present to you: an Open Beta. Not a video or an article talking about our game, but...

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also there hasent been a bkog for awhile is it dead?

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McMayhem Creator

No, we're not dead. Wouldn't have gone to the trouble of answering your questions if we were ;). Expect to see a new developer video this weekend showcasing sidequests and hub activity.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

also will there be llts of enviroments?

and final one rwill there be loys of 1enemy varity?

also just to refresh my mind did you say to me before that it will take 9 hours to complete?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

aaa thsnks for puttingvthem in fqa(alout ofvpeoplw woyd like to know these)

2 more quests

will there be a day and knight syatem?

will there bevlots of npc in town if so will you be able to talk to them?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

22.Will you ghave to play the mini games in order to progres through the main story(PLease dont do it)

23.Will there be drm or will we able tyo play offile without loging it?

again thanks i apprate it!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
McMayhem Creator

Hey there, BigPather. Thank you so much for showing interest! I'm more than happy to answer your questions.

1. Yes, there will be multiple difficulty levels. Right now these range from Easy, Medium, and Hard. (We're open to more if after the demo people feel there should be another.

2. The game is modeled after RPGs of the early-late 90's. Games like Balder's Gate, Neverwinter Knights, Arcanum, Fallout. Our game world will follow that world style very closely. It won't be a sandbox of Bethesda-like proportions, but the world will be open and free to explore.

3. Yes, there will be a multitude of sidequests that you can complete throughout the game. Most of these sidequests have the chance to greatly impact the environment later in the story.

4. A completely free demo is planned sometime in early to mid March (if everything goes smoothly with our closed beta)

5. Yes, our menu system will have both a "Journal" (quests) section as well as a map section which communicate with each other.

6. At the moment, replayability is rooted in the diversity of choices and the paths you can take to get to the end game. We haven't really considered adding in any after-completion content.

7. The length of the game is completely variable depending on how much you choose to explore/how many sidequests you embark on.

8. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by collectables, but there will be a vast amount of items (weapons/lore journals/armor/misc) that you will find in every area. There are also multiple tiers of quality per equipment type, so finding things won't be a stale process.

9. As in one of my previous answers, we aren't looking into after-completion content too much right now. If the game is successful, we may choose to change this aspect, however.

10. Yes, there will be three different planets in the game, each with different environments/atmospheres.

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McMayhem Creator

11. Our game focuses very heavily on engaging story elements. We implement sidequests to deepen and highlight that story. As such, sidequests won't involve the hackneyed "Kill x number of these." Each sidequest will feel natural, believable, and be worth doing beyond the xp/money reward.

12. Yes :)

13. We want the gameplay and character creation of Titan: Dawn to be as free-form as possible. There are no set classes to chose from, but there will be spec sheets and guides for those that need them that will show what skills/powers to pick for certain kind of playstyles. IE(Infiltrator/Soldier/etc)

14. Skills/Powers are not limited by class. You will be able to pick any skills you like as you level up. This will allow you to create complex "builds" and tailor your gameplay exactly to your liking.

15. Answered in the two statements above.

16. Yes, absolutely. Decisions have an impact in this game. Without giving too much away, you will be able to determine the ending by the choices you make.

17. Yes, this is mainly a byproduct of the impact of your decisions. If you chose not to help or to kill a certain character early on in the game, that character won't be there to offer services/give you a different sidequest later on in the game.

18. Yes, gear will be randomized and will have several tiers of quality.

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McMayhem Creator

19. Not at all. We've tested this game on several different machines and as long as you computer isn't 10 years old or running on Windows 98, you should be perfectly fine. Also, our graphics configuration is very robust, so you will have a large degree of control over how things look.

20. There will be several different types of both melee and ranged weapons, yes.

21. We are planning to launch a kickstarter sometime after we release the demo. We wan't to have a larger fan-base before we throw up a quota.

22. The mini-games are completely optional. They are there to serve as "breaks" for when you just want to rest from combat and earn some easy money. You will never be forced into a "mini-game". There will, however, be small puzzles every now and then in a level to stimulate your mind beyond "kill, kill, kill." I can promise that these puzzles will not be overly difficult or require tremendous skill to complete.

23. Absolutely not. You are not required to be online to play this game. It is single-player and can be played offline.

All wonderful questions and I'm very glad you asked them. So glad, actually, that I'm going to compile these into an FAQ and put them on our website. Very happy you are interested and keep your eye out for that demo!


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Awsome look game coiple of questions

1.Will it have multply diffcuil;ty levels(maybe a hardcore mode or something)?

2.Will there be a big open world to explore?

3.Will it have lots of side quests in every corner to find?

4.Will there be a free beta or demo?

5.Will you be able to track sdie quests and then the map will add a map markerto where thwe quest objective is?

6.Will it have a new game plus for after you comple the game? if so maybe you coud do it like enimes have slightly diffrent attacks or something?

7.Will it b a long game if you do all the sidce quests and stuff?

8.Maybe you coud have collectibles to dfind in the enviroments?

9.if yhou will haver a new game plus mode will it ahve nbew weapons that you wont finsd in the first playthrough?(or even just a new game plus)

19.Will you go on kickstarter sicne it will hewlp to promote the game?

10.Will there be multply towns to explore?

11.Will the side quests invole kill x nukmber of creaturres or will they be more deeper?

12.Will there be lots of them?

13.Will there be chartor classes?

14.If so will there havbe diffrent skill trees?

15.If you dont have chartor classes will there be multply skill trees for your charotor?

16Will there be multply endings?

17.Will therew be exclusive content to let say you chose one path you woint see all the side quests or soemthing?

18.will you have randomised gear?

19.Will you need a ultra powerfull pc to play it?

20.Will there be lots of weapon types?

21.Will you be on kcikstarter(sicne this will hwelp to improvbe the game and promote it)

Again thanks for answering i know thats a lot but im really lookign forword to the game gonna track it good luck!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

looks great! is this coming to linux as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
McMayhem Creator

The Unity Engine now allows for release on Linux, so there's really no reason not to support it. I think it's reasonable to expect multi-platform release for both Windows and Linux. When the time comes, however, we will need beta testers with Linux operating systems. Thank's for the comment.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Ok, I'm running Linux Mint 14 64-bit (Ubuntu 12) and Id be happy to beta test if you'd like

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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