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This is why Throne of Lies is the online game for you:

+ Looking Good: Full 3D, Vulkan graphics @ 64-bit - With stunning full illustrations and art.
+ Tricky: Your deduction skills are more useful than your 100+ class abilities.
+ Unique: Abilities change each phase with 30+ different class combinations with high replayability.
+ Twisting: "Recruiting" and "Converting" system, changing the entire class to a new, "darker" version.
+ Opportunity: "King" and "Royalty" system: Rise up to inherit the throne when the King is killed.
+ Customized: Individual custom rooms at night, including secret meeting rooms.
+ GG, not yet!: Death/ghost system with mini game(s). You may return or talk to the living!
+ Challenging: Earn traditional full skins, but also claim new weapons, shields, armor, and even auras. Only aesthetic unlocks (No pay-2-win here).
+ Community: 15-player online interrogation, trial and treason system with community decisions.
+ Be the writer: Every move contributes to the game's next move, causing ripple-effect.
+ Be creative: Taunt your enemies by drawing "Deathnotes" to leave with their body with blood and ink.
+ So many gifts: Instant alpha access, exclusive backer rewards, limited forum titles, special prices, free extra keys given out to invite a friend(s).
+ Practice and Excel: The art of perception knows no boundaries - become a better negotiator, improve at convincing others, and become better at deducting situations that involve investigation and clues.


The game will be available on Steam (PC), and is being developed with the Unity3D engine. Throne of Lies will be the first [Non-VR] standalone 3D social deduction game to be produced. Seen at GDC and Unite 2016.

There are 16 players per game session, each is randomly assigned a class. Players will also be assigned membership to a team (one of 4 factions), which could be either Blue Dragon, Black Rose, Neutral, or The Cult. There are a series of Day and Night rounds. Each round allows only a short duration of time for players to make split-second decisions, based on deductive clues obtained from the players’ special abilities and the social aspect of the game.

The Day Phase is when players discuss and learn about what happened at night, such as who has been murdered, among other things. Players will then get together to cast their votes to execute a player. Being enemy factions, a Blue Dragon member would want to get rid of a Black Rose member, and vice versa. There will be times where you wrongly vote to execute an innocent person (or someone who was actually on your side) for treason, by wrongly assuming they were guilty. You can lie, act innocent, and blame others to try to trick everyone into voting someone you want gone. players may vote to determine if a player is guilty of treason. If the majority votes a player guilty, the accused player will be executed by the first person who accused them of treason. There are special execution effects tied to the accuser's equipped weapon (a fire weapon would light the executed player to flames, for example).

Outside of the proper voting to be executed trials during the day, players will have limited time to chat, where they would gather and share evidence to decide who is or isn't suspicious, allowing them to decide who to slay or defend during the following night phase.

The Night Phase is when a player may kill in the darkness and be part of others’ foul play. Different classes will have different abilities and intentions at night. Players can visit each other’s private rooms, share secret plans, assassinate, spy, use special night abilities, and more.
You can write in your journal to keep track of what happens each day, such as who was killed or who you interacted with.

You'll have a deathnote which you can hand-drown with your mouse. You'll write in using ink and blood (black and red). Whatever your write or draw in your deathnote will be revealed to all of the other players when you die.

There are also two neutral factions to act as wildcards during these efforts. When a king is slain, a new King rises, based off a nomination amongst the Royals class types (those with an ability to step up to become King).

The players’ ultimate goal for their faction (good or evil), is to eliminate all opposing factions, with the exception of neutral factions that may have their own goals or take advantage of the weak.

Want to execute each other in your own way? Throne of Lies will have many weapons to choose from which means you'll get to bring style into taking the life of those accused of treason. Each weapon type has a special execution effect.

Each player has their own room, which they'll stay in each night. Every class type has their own room style. As mentioned in the gameplay section, players may visit each other's rooms at night to use their night abilities on them, such as attempt to assassinate them secretly or simply spy on them, among other things.


The gameplay of Throne of Lies, unlike other Mafia/Werewolf games, focuses on giving players multiple classes with both day and night abilities, choices in armor and weapons, and having a Royalty system (where a King rules and can be replaced) exist for the first time in any online game of this genre. You can actually visit the inside of other players’ rooms, meaning if you’re in a secret meeting, you’ll see your friends there with you. This is the first 3D game in the genre, giving full immersion, and at certain moments, freedom of wandering around.

With 33 unique classes and over 100 abilities, all fully illustrated, we mean serious business when it comes to getting the most out of our game. Check out our Deviantart or some of our images - this is just a fraction of the art effort with our brilliant in-house artists to help bring about further immersion within our game.

We make it easy to learn and understand what each class does by having an in-game wiki with class cards. You may also find more info on ToL Wikia.

Join us today to get the latest info about our launch, including contests and events. Sign up for newsletter on Throne of Lies website!

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Imperium42’s Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies & Deceit -- an online multiplayer game where social deduction skills are everything -- is live on Kickstarter seeking $20,000 in crowdfunding pledges. The game has given rise to hot topics to the community such as: Can tabletop game be shown as a 3D PC game? Is this the first 3D “social deduction” game for PC that does not require VR? Throne of Lies is the latest social deduction game of the genre to make an appearance away from tabletop to appear on STEAM’s platform.

Greenlit on STEAM Within 15 days!

Throne of Lies is inspired by medieval politics, the traditional Werewolf/Mafia (1986) genre and tabletop games. The game takes an exciting new twist on the genre, dropping you into a medieval setting full of sociopathic classes. Form into factions, betray those who you befriend. There are over 100 special abilities to use, but your wit and deductive ability are your main weapons. Each session will contain up to 16 players.

Execution Concept (Pre-Alpha Graphics)

Throne of Lies was designed to deliver high replay value – You can play many game sessions while still discovering new and unique experience each game. Social deduction games like this actually encourage you to betray/tease your friends. Throne of Lies makes death-time fun, draw hand-drawn Deathnotes to troll the living, and even convert players to their darker personas with 35+ classes and 4 factions.

Deathnote Mechanics

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end on February 24th and has been selected as Kickstarter’s Project We Love. For a limited time, supporters can claim the game for 50% off while also unlocking exclusive access to the game before everyone else. Throne of Lies is expected to arrive later in 2017.

Throne of Lies on Kickstarter

Kickstarter URL:


Your objective is simple: “Discover who you can trust, dispose of the rest.”

Players begin their journey in Castle Adiart, where they are randomly assigned to one of the four factions:

  • Blue Dragon The good guys, relying on investigators to determine who is friend and who is foe to determine who they should execute during the day.
  • Black Rose The bad guys, who can identify other players and communicate at night while converting good guys to a “darker version”.
  • CultThe other bad guys, who can recruit members from other factions and communicate at night with other members.
  • Neutral The wildcards, offering unique objectives that only benefit their own.

The Factions

With more than 100 class abilities (e.g, Distract, Construct Reality, Bind Soul) and 30+ different class combinations to choose from, it’s easy to craft unique and effective strategies to further your claim to the throne.

With an intricate Day and Night phase system, Throne of Lies features different events that can take place depending on the time of day and a player’s faction. During the Day, players can discuss, accuse, and execute those who may be guilty of committing treason. At Night, secret meetings and murder can take place! If your faction wins, you gain “gp” (gold) and “xp” (experience) -- which unlock new skins, weapons, armor, auras, and more.

Day/Night Phases

Unfortunately for the living, dead men do tell tales in Throne of Lies. The dead can keep enjoying the game by revealing deaths, chatting with other dead players, and playing a mini-game to guess who will be next to join the deceased.

Key Features

  • Choice-driven gameplay: Will you choose to hide in the shadows or destroy those who get in your way? It’s up to you!
  • Deep class system: Discover over 100 class abilities and 30+ different class combinations.
  • Unique Day/Night system: Shed light on those you can trust by Day -- and dispose of the rest by Night!
  • No pay-to-win unlocks: Earn traditional/full skins, new weapons, armor, and even auras as you advance.
  • Online multiplayer: Join in sessions with up to 16 players; interrogate, betray, befriend, and kill others to defeat opposing factions.
  • Creativity counts: Taunt your enemies by drawing "Deathnotes" to leave with bodies -- drawn with blood and ink.
  • It’s good to be King: Rise up to inherit the throne once the King has been killed!
  • Stylish justice: Execute those committed of treason using any equipped weapon.

Chat Demo

Pricing & Availability

Throne of Lies is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000. If funded, Throne of Lies will initially launch on Windows, with Linux and Mac ports arriving at a later date. The game is already Greenlit within 15 days on STEAM.

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Upcoming Online Game: Throne Of Lies Successfully Funded On Kickstarter.

Upcoming Online Game: Throne Of Lies Successfully Funded On Kickstarter.


The Online Game of Deceit Also Greenlit On Steam Greenlight

Thousands of Dollars on Kickstarter Already Raised Within 12 Hours for Throne of Lies Online Game!

Thousands of Dollars on Kickstarter Already Raised Within 12 Hours for Throne of Lies Online Game!


"Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies & Deceit" is live, as of yesterday, on Kickstarter - already raising thousands of dollars within 12 hours! The...

Throne of Lies Official Trailer, Kickstarter, Greenlight, and Alpha Launch Date, and Discord Server!

Throne of Lies Official Trailer, Kickstarter, Greenlight, and Alpha Launch Date, and Discord Server!

News 2 comments

"Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies & Deceit" releases official game trailer, announces January 9th Kickstarter and January 8th Greenlight! There...

Throne of Lies (ToL) + New Media! + Steam Greenlight Concept!

Throne of Lies (ToL) + New Media! + Steam Greenlight Concept!


We just posted EIGHT new videos, along with their respective screenshots to show you that we're beyond just a throne. Each role will get a customized...

Imperium42 Creator

Some good news:
+ Successfully 109% funded on Kickstarter!

+ Successfully Greenlit within 15 days!

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Imperium42 Creator

* Kickstarter = Jan 9th
* Greenlight = Jan 8th
* Alpha = End of March
* Beta = Whenever Alpha is over ;)
* Price = $9.99
* Kickstarter Core Discount: ~2-for-1 keys
* What genre are we: Social Deduction

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When do you think that it will be released?

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Imperium42 Creator

Kickstarter is Jan 9th, alpha is March~

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