Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is a master thief — the best who ever was. Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured residences, he steals from the rich and gives to himself, making a living in the dark and foreboding City. Here crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor and each other, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily. World-weary and cynical, Garrett wants nothing more than to be left alone to ply his trade. But things never work out that way.

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10 grayfish

Jun 30th, 2011

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8 Guilherme.374

Jun 3rd, 2011

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8 Killatomate

Apr 1st, 2011

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9 RangerC

Jan 23rd, 2011

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9 brody9311

Dec 17th, 2010

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10 cyb3rk19ht

Nov 14th, 2010

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10 ozarck

Nov 6th, 2010

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10 SteveZombie

Oct 15th, 2010

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8 DG-Tal

Oct 13th, 2010

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9 infernoth

Oct 10th, 2010

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