From the game "Light" developer Serge Noskov the new adventure game. You have an hour to live the whole live with the main character. Laugh, Cry, Think during this hour. How it will end depends only from the decisions you made. Enjoy.

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Train hands down definitely deserves 10/10, the setting combined with the perfect atmosphere sets up for a very thrilling experience but also a sense of realism and how it feels like your just playing a horror game, but that your in the horror game and your experiencing and living through these events along with the character! By far the best horror game I've played so far, so kudos to the developers and a huge thank you for the amazing experience! I highly recommend playing Train you won't regret it!


This would be better if it had a little better graphics


didn`t like the engine

This game is short, but very nice. You can interpret the story by yourself, but everyway the story will be a nightmare.
I made a Let's Play and think about several ways what the things we meet ingame means. Sorry for my English btw. Im from Germany :)

A very good game. Without bugs you will get a 10/10.



SimonLB2000 says

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very very nice game there Guys
PLAY THIS GAME OR DIE!!!!- in a train in the rain

Game "Right in the heart"


This game was great! Didn't have the best English, but that is understandable. It was kinda hard to follow the whole story and the flashbacks. It's a good horror game and the scares aren't cheap. It gives you those chilling, creepy vibes through the game which helps make up that horror label. I suggest you give this game a try.

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