Where the movie ends, the true terror begins. In the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a mysterious, shape-shifting alien life form has wiped out an American scientific outpost. You're the leader of a military rescue team sent to investigate the carnage. Trapped by the elements and infected by a horrific enemy, you must keep your squad together. Control their fear and gain their trust, and you might just survive the Thing.

Iversen NPC Mod
The Thing

Iversen NPC Mod

1 week ago Released Apr 25, 2015 Single Player Third Person Shooter

This Mod allows you to have iversen on your team in level 4 All you have to do is give him the command to follow you and he does not turn and his class...

Sasuna's Daytime Mod
The Thing

Sasuna's Daytime Mod

2 weeks ago Released Apr 17, 2015 Single Player Third Person Shooter

in summary this mod makes the whole game world brighter. Outside and Inside buildings

The Thing: Continuity
The Thing

The Thing: Continuity

8 months ago TBD Single Player Third Person Shooter

This mod's main emphasis is on survival horror. The storyline is changed. The 'cheesy' aspects are removed. Many game mechanics are fixed and new ones...

Antarctic Night ENB
The Thing

Antarctic Night ENB

1 year ago Released Aug 26, 2013 Single Player Third Person Shooter

Antarctic Night ENB for The Thing - A game I think was overlooked by most people because of the drab grey graphics, so I did what I could to give the...

The Thing
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Released Aug 21, 2002
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