This game follows the story of what happens after the John Carpenter 1982 movie adaptation of the John W. Campbell JR Novel "Who Goes There?". The original game borrows heavily on the story from the 2002 video game and the current sequel expands further on the plot after Captain Blake defeats the Thing entity. After the death of Whitley and the destruction of Gen Inc property; Captain J.F.Blake boards a rescue plane and leaves Antarctica. Complications arise and the aircraft malfunctions and crashes. With no report from Blake the Alaska base sends in a new rescue team of which you the player take control. Your task is to find Captain Blake and escort him back to Alaska. However the thing entity did not die with Whitley on that day...

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Level 04, Original Mode. This is the level where you have to assist Dr. Bashford in eliminating the large thing (First Boss) in the burial pit. I have expanded this level to make it bigger, it now includes: Bigger Norwegian Base Building, A Watchtower Shack, Burial Pit Building, New Medi Centre (Which will feature a survival aspect similar to that of the 2002 video game and similar to my new Survival Mode)

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Nov 14th, 2012
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