The Battle of the Somme symbolised the horrors of warfare in world war one. Follow orders, fight for your country, survive in rain soaked trenches and wait for the call; the call to chargeover no man's land to fight for freedom and liberation. Equipped with your arsenal of weaponry, make haste and overtake your enemies; watch over your brothers and god speed. As a soldier in The Somme you are challenged to overtake your enemy's forces. Team work dependency is key without it you will fall to feet of your foes. Listen out for orders from your commanding officer. Which role are you? You decide! From the Medic class and being able to help wounded allies, to being an Officer, taking command to spot targets and mark them on your map to create devastation to your enemies forces with Artillery barrage.

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Anywhere [OLD] UDK Programmer - Multiplayer FPS at TopHat Game Studios, Ltd

udk programmer - multiplayer fps tophat game studios, ltd anywhere programmers the battle of the somme symbolized the horrors of warfare in world war one. follow orders, fight for your country, wait for the call and survive in rain soaked trenches; the call to charge over no man’s land to fight for freedom and liberation is awaiting you! equipped with your arsenal of weaponry, make haste and overtake your enemies; watch over your brothers and god speed. this ambitious wwi fps is being built using the unreal development kit. for more information on the game visit don't miss this opportunity to join our team. here at tophat we are pushing the boundaries of what an independent development team are capable of producing in the fps genre. we are on the lookout for an enthusiastic and talented programmer to join our team on a royalty basis. udk programmer the successful candidate will be focused mainly on developing existing code as well as implementing mechanics and systems into the project. we have a lot of the base code in place and are looking to hire a new programmer to take on a lead role due to recent team restructuring. duties/responsibilities • developing existing code • implement design features into the engine • working closely with the team to problem solve art, animation and design solutions • implementation of netcode skill & experience • excellent knowledge of the udk • extensive knowledge of unrealscript and c++ • flexible and consistent implementation of netcode • experience on team projects • excellent communication skills • reliability a must

The Somme
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