[NOTE: This Steam-only game comes with one key for yourself and two keys to give out to your friends, each of which have additional bonus keys attached.] The Ship is a multiplayer game of subterfuge and assassination, played on a series of 1920s cruise ships. Hunt down and murder your quarry while looking out for the assassin hunting you. Take care of your needs by eating and sleeping, improvise weapons from whatever you can find on board, avoid the cameras and security guards and, whatever you do, don’t lash out with a croquet mallet in front of another passenger! The Ship is owned by the mysterious Mr X and as one of many "lucky" recipients of a free ticket you arrive on board The Ship to find there's a catch to your luxury cruise. You are coerced into a brutal Hunt to indulge Mr. X's fantasies, under threat of death for not only yourself, but also your family. Your only chance to save yourself and your family is to play the Hunt and win.

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Sep 15th, 2013

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Nov 24th, 2012

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