The Road is a Zombie Apocalypse Survival being worked on Unity3D.
Welcome to my Third Game after [REC] Shutter and Baby blues! This will be on a diffrent engine and will be a open-world survival not like my early horror releases.

This may take some time since im working alone (Also since it's a open world, it will take more time) on 3 Games at the moment;
This, Wasteland 2D Online and a other horror.

The Road is a single-player game being made in Unity3D.
In this game, the player will be placed in a post-apocalypse world called rocky island where you have to survive this land by finding supplies, weapons, food, water, vehicles, shelter and so on. Also, Sam will be you're only friend survivor and guard dog.

The Road will be testing you're survival skills on hunting and surviving. You will need to hunt the last surviving animals left for food or you die from hunger. You will need to find water or die from Dehydration. You will need to find shelter to rest in and see how much you can take on the living and the creeps.
Apart from 'The Creeps' who will try to hunt you down, player will have to survive the apocalypse and the nature.

This will be in First person focusing on a survival game which takes place in a apocalypse world after a year the virus infected the whole globe wiping out 90% of the population, You and your dog were one of the last of the survivors trapped in rocky island. Fighting your way to survival and exploring by vechiles or foot. Stay alive by finding supplys and live as long as you can while exploring and moving along the road.

(Still updating) Some Features:

  • Parkour
  • Companions (DOG)
  • Hunger and Thirst System
  • Vehicles support
  • Lots of melee and ranged weapons (including bow and bat)
  • Ultimate survival
  • Post-apocalypse world
  • Hardcore
  • Beasts and wild animals ready to be hunted
  • Search for supplys,weapons and ammo
  • Day and Night Cylce
  • Customization
  • Inventory system
  • Citys to be explored
  • Explore the terrain in open-world first perosn on foot or vehicles.
  • Item Spawns
  • Dynamic Weather System
  • And many many more
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Also Please comment and tell me what you think about this,
it means much for a solo indie game maker and for the time I take in my spare time to work on my games. :)

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