A short abstract adventure game from the developer of To the Moon, about your house and a birdy who's about to fly over it. [If the game doesn't go full screen automatically, please press Alt+Enter to do so. Windowed mode might cause some lag when using mouse.] This isn't a horror game, and nothing will jump out at you.

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I have no clue what I just played, but I think I liked it.

This would definitely be something cool to talk about with friends and get their opinions.

Great game, going to recommend to friends.

really good but short

Lovely little game that will leave you wondering even after you have finished it. The little bonus after you finish the game once doesn't hurt either :D

This was a very interesting game, definitely different from anything I've played before. It didn't feel like a series of puzzles--more like I was just exploring a game like I normally would. While the story was very vague and could be confusing, it's also refreshing to play a game that puts me in charge of deciphering it using my own knowledge and imagination. In that way, the story will be different for almost everyone.

I also experienced a glitch in which the water bucket multiplied. I'm assuming it was a glitch, but even if it wasn't, it did pull me out of the experience a bit. It could also benefit from being longer; I found myself feeling a little dissatisfied with how quickly I finished it.

Still, and especially for a free game that I went into with no expectations, it was very enjoyable.

Good game. I expected the "birdie" to be some sort of WWII fighter plane, but still left me wanting more when it ended.

It's not very long, but it's not that hard to download either. Worth getting.


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