The Matrix Unplugged is the only Matrix-themed, text-based MMORPG of its kind in existence. You control a redpill as they awaken from the Matrix, fight agents and exiles, run complex training programs and, ultimately, walk the path of the one.While the game has been released, it is still in an early-alpha stage and is undergoing active development. Click here to sign up today! Currently, the game supports: In-game Events and Messages. Player profiles (you can browse the profile pages of other players, and are given options to send messages, send cash and even initiate combat) The Training System (allowing players to train their core stats: Combat, Coding, Hacking and Tactics). The Missions System (allowing players to carry out tasks in exchange for Items, Money or Experience Points). Basic in-game combat (still work-in-progress). Training Programs (programs which the user can run to not only raise their stats, but also provide them with special abilities, such as Hyperjumping or Bul

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