Small acute social point-and-click adventure. The main character of the game is Masha, a resident of a regular town in 90th. She is a loving mother and careful wife, but her husband, full of different problems, falls down to the alcoholism and domestic abuse. Masha agrees to tolerate, but not when it is about life and health of her child, she is ready to do anything... The game is not recommended for pregnant women and very impressionable people.

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Nice game with a few good puzzle ideas. It took me a little bit above 2 hours to go through, with being stuck for longer only once near the end.

The story about domestic abuse might be a little bit too clich├ęd, but for the short amount of play time more background information on the history of the characters probaly wouldn't have fit in.

One problem I'd like to mention is that near the game's beginning there is a puzzle involving a sheet of numbers. I think that the game gives you too little information on what you are supposed to do in this puzzle, which may stop players cold in their tracks and they might leave the game.

Being a math guy I took my time and eventually figured it out, but others may not persevere that much. It's not that the problem is hard to solve, it's hard to find out what the problem *is*. Considering that the remainder of the game uses good conventional inventory puzzles, having this under-specified one-of-a-kind puzzle near the game's beginning seems to me a bad thing.

It's weird to say that this game was fun with the message that it carries, but it is an enjoyable game. It is kind of depressing, but the puzzles are what makes it fun. I enjoyed my playthrough.


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