Your name is Anthony Boyt you have a wife and a five year old daughter. Your house catches on fire from an unkown gas leak. While your at the carnival. You see a large house while driving around. The house looks unique and fit for your family. Unaware that millions of restless souls graze the propery you move in. After a few nights your daughter complains of voices and a scary creature appearing in her room. Uncomfortable about these events you send your daughter to your recently divorced wife. As your the only one in the house. You fight to keep your sanity from reaching zero and your life. While learning the millions of year old secrets of the haunted house. Features A complex scare system- Any where you step can trigger an event. Sound effects- Every event has some sound effect. Beatiful graphics- Shadows,Bloom,Lighting Physics- Any head or small TV can be picked up and dropped and have physics. Day system- After finding a key to enter your bedroom you sleep and new events happen

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The Haunted House Demo Updated Fixed
The Haunted House

The Haunted House Demo Updated Fixed

Oct 12, 2012 The Haunted House Demo (239.60mb) 0 comments

The demo has been updated. So have fun and dont get to scared. But if you do the ghosts will comfort you.

The Haunted House Demo
The Haunted House

The Haunted House Demo

Oct 3, 2012 The Haunted House Demo (137.49mb) 0 comments

A small demo with some scares giving you a hint on wants going to be in the game HEADPHONE USERS TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME! If you scare easily i'l hold your...

The Haunted House
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