Old-school Indie A-RPG Gold awarded , The Fall of Gods is a Zelda like game, inspired by Action-RPG you used to play on 16-bit console. If you like to collect & swap items, fight with different weapons, cast spells, wear armors, rafting, hidden spots, puzzles, drive balloon, brew potions, side-quests, fairy fountains, a sense of irony, and of course, if you like to save the World ? Then you will like The Fall of Gods. This is not a RPG Maker game, it's made with Geex engine. The game features: + custom orchestral musics + 4 dungeons to beat + side-quests and chain collection items + a huge world, where you can wander + playable with keyboard (customisable), mouse, or your Xbox Pad + Oracle help in case you're stuck + 3 speed modes (sneak, walk, run) + Codes to unlock new features + A Xbox and Windows Mobile version Minimum requirements: - DirectX9.0c or greater - Resolution : 800*600 - OS: Xp, Vista, 7,8 - CPU: 1.6 Ghz - RAM: 512MB, HDD: 100MB - GFX: 128mb Video Memory

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We are listening to gamers, if you have any idea how to improve game experience, please just ask, and we'll make our best to add it in our next release