Curse of Kullvaria is a twin stick isometric, pirate themed, shooter. This will be classic, tried and true dodge and shoot game play. Why should you be interested? Well, for one, we are offering and striving for a high fidelity experience that also encompasses great pick up and put down game play. Visual style and great game play is not all that we have to offer. We have also planned for post release support for both Survival Mode and the upcoming Story Mode. Our road map, seen below, only details 2 updates, but you can expect at least 3 more after that, each containing a new Story level and an unlockable Survival level. This is a guarantee. Beyond that, if we find that sales are strong, we will continue Hugo's adventure, to new and interesting places! Kullvaria is a mysterious place with hidden secrets waiting to be found. We are in this for the long haul and we really hope you will join us.

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The Bramblemen
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These are the Bramblemen, the enemies in our game. From left to right,

Fledgling Bomber.
If he gets too close to you he blows himself up, and you!

General Bruiser.
Sure he's slow, but all it takes is one hit to knock you on your butt.

Minion Spearman.
The infantry of the Bramblemen ranks. They attack quickly with their sharp spears.

Minion Dartmen.
Their sharpened darts will pierce you from afar thanks to their trusty blowpipe.

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